We believe incredible change can occur when you empower people to do good.

Our founders, Sam and Helen Walton, felt the same way. Their timeless values live through the Walton Family Foundation, where we enable meaningful opportunities that improve the lives of others. For more than 25 years, we have focused on addressing social and environmental issues by intensifying the innovative efforts of our grantees. Their work allows us to continue our giving legacy in three distinct areas: K-12 education, freshwater and marine conservation and quality of life initiatives in the foundation’s home region.

In each program area, we collaborate with our grantee partners to set data-driven strategies designed to provide measurable impact by:

  • Giving parents access to high-quality schools for their children, regardless of their ZIP code, background or income level; 
  • Facilitating long-term solutions to environmental problems that make economic sense for communities and their natural resources; 
  • Continuing the Walton family’s special and ongoing commitment to the foundation’s home region by investing in programs that measurably improve quality of life.

In 2014, we invested more than $375 million in domestic and international projects that advanced our core priorities. Our commitments will continue to accelerate in 2015 as we focus on giving that empowers transformational change in diverse communities and the lives of the people who call those communities home.

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The Walton Family Foundation continues the philanthropic vision begun by Sam and Helen Walton. Learn more

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We're working to make a long-term difference in K-12 education, environmental conservation and our home region. Learn more

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