2012 Education Reform Grant Totals By Investment Site

The Walton Family Foundation announced investments totaling more than $158 million in education reform initiatives in 2012. Grants were made to organizations and programs that empower parents, particulary in low-income communities, to choose among quality, publicly funded schools for their children.

Here is a look at grant totals by investment site.


Brighter Choice Foundation $945,000
Total $945,000


Hinds Feet Montessori School of the Arts, Inc. $30,000
Seventh and Sourou Gentlemen's Academy 30,000
Westside Atlanta Charter School 30,000
Total $90,000


Excel Academy Charter School - Boston II $250,000
NewSchools Venture Fund NSVF 612,500
Total $862,500


Academy for Global Citizenship Charter School $250,000
Amandla Charter School 250,000
Building Excellent Schools, Inc 
Catalyst-Maria Charter 220,000
Children First Fund The Chicago Public School Foundation 478,380
Christopher House Charter School 220,000
Illinois Network of Charter Schools  
New Schools for Chicago 220,000
Rowe Elementary Charter School 250,000
The Montessori School of Englewood 220,000
UNO Charter School Network 500,000
Total $2,811,380


Academy 360 $250,000
Colorado Nonprofit Development Center 215,000
Denver Public Schools  218,750
Denver Scholarship Foundation 116,192
Downtown Denver Expeditionary School 250,000
Gals the Girls Athletic Leadership Schools 30,000
Stand for Children Leadership Center 193,402
Trevista ECE-8th Grade at Horace Mann 249,811
MOP Denver - PICO National Network 200,000
Teach for America Colorado 935,000
Total $2,658,155


GEE Edmonson Academy $250,000
International Preparatory Academy - MacDowell Campus 250,000
Pride and Promise Academy  30,000
Schools For The Future Detroit 30,000
Starr Detroit Academy 250,000
University Prep Science and Math Elementary School 220,000
Total $1,030,000


Democracy Prep III Charter School $250,000
Families for Excellent Schools, Inc. 218,000
Success Academy Charter Schools 1,000,000
Total $1,468,000


Carpe Diem Collegiate High School - Meridian Campus $250,000
Challenge Foundation Academy 30,000
Christel House DORS  220,000
Christian Musical Skill Center dba The Performing Arts Conservatory 30,000
Mind Trust 500,000
Stand for Children Leadership Center (Indiana affiliate) 278,189
The Excel Center at Franklin Road 250,000
Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation 475,000
Total $2,033,189

Los Angeles

Apple Academy Charter Public Schools $250,000
Camino Nuevo Elementary No. 3 250,000
Educators for Excellence 156,602
Excellent Education Development, Inc.  250,000
LA Voice 100,000
Math and Science Preparatory Charter High 220,000
Partnership for Los Angeles Schools 193,780
Rise Ko Hyang Middle School 250,000
Santa Monica Boulevard Community Charter School 250,000
Teach for America Los Angeles 1,750,000
Total $3,670,382


Aurora Collegiate Academy Charter School - BES $220,000
Tennessee Charter School Incubator  400,000
Total $620,000


Carmen High School of Science and Technology $333,333
Educational Enterprises, Inc. 700,000
Lighthouse Academies of Wisconsin, Inc 150,000
Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee 59,000
Lutheran Urban Mission Initiative Inc. 435,000
Milwaukee Charter School Advocates 235,027
Notre Dame Middle School 375,000
Rocketship Education 225,000
School Choice Wisconsin 300,000
Schools That Can Milwaukee, Inc. 225,000
Teach for America (National) 445,000
United Community Center, Inc. 180,000
Wisconsin Lutheran College 200,000
Wisconsin Lutheran High School 150,000
Total $4,012,360


ARC4H Academy  $250,000
Hennepin Elementary School 220,000
Mastery School 250,000
Prodeo Academy 250,000
Upper Mississippi Academy 250,000
Total $1,220,000

New Orleans

Charter Fund, Inc.  $2,000,000
Collegiate Academy 1 250,000
Collegiate Academy 2 250,000
ENCORE Academy 250,000
Fannie C. Williams Charter School 250,000
Future is Now: New Orleans Charter School 250,000
Institute for Innovation of Public School Choice 225,845
Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools 31,000
McDonogh 42 250,000
MICAH Project 152,500
New Schools for New Orleans Inc. 1,229,570
Northwest Evaluation Association 42,500
The Friends of King School 250,000
Urban League of Greater New Orleans 491,300
Teach for America Greater New Orleans 982,500
Total $6,905,215


Newark Charter School Fund $1,875,000
Teach for America Newark 620,000
Total $2,495,000


Arizona Autism Charter Schools, Inc. $30,000
Building Excellent Schools, Inc 
Empower College Prep 220,000
Phoenix Collegiate Academy 250,000
Total $530,000

Washington D.C.

Bridges Public Charter School $30,000
Building Hope 1,800,000
Charter Board Partners 177,750
DC Public Charter School Board 498,728
DC Public Education Fund 5,919,229
DC Scholars Academy 250,000
Excel Academy Public Charter School 250,000
Friends of Choice in Urban Schools 737,433
Ingenuity Prep Public Charter School 250,000
NewSchools Venture Fund NSVF 1,000,000
Paul Public Charter School 250,000
Teach for America Washington, D.C. 912,500
DC Preparatory Academy 199,000
Total $12,274,641