K-12 Education


Education has the power to expand opportunities and transform lives. The Walton Family Foundation is working to empower children and families with choice and to expand opportunities, especially for those with the greatest needs. 

Over the past two decades, WFF has invested more than $1 billion in K-12 education efforts that expand student opportunity. We focus on creating choice, autonomy, accountability, family empowerment, and educational innovation. While we have supported the creation of one in every four charter schools created in the United States, we actively support all good choices — charter, traditional public, and private.

The Walton Family Foundation invests in efforts that have potential to:

  1. Improve cities by creating conditions that support learning; creating more diverse, high-quality school options; nurturing talented educators and leaders; and building local support.
  2. Catalyze a national movement demanding choice and accountability.
  3. Spur innovation in school models and teaching methods.
  4. Build knowledge and transparency by supporting and publicizing rigorous research and evaluations.

2014 K-12 Education Grants

We invested more than $202 million in K-12 education in 2014.

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