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The Walton Family Foundation is committed to improving K-12 education in the United States at every level – in traditional public schools, charter public schools and private schools. Our core strategy is to infuse competitive pressure into America’s K-12 education system by increasing the quantity and quality of school choices available to parents, especially in low-income communities. When all families are empowered to choose from among several quality school options, all schools will be fully motivated to provide the best possible education. Better school performance leads, in turn, to higher student achievement, lower dropout rates and greater numbers of students entering and completing college.

Through three distinct initiatives, we invest in efforts to shift decision-making power over where a child attends school to his or her family by:

The foundation focuses on a select number of investment sites, where we intend to show that parental choice can inspire meaningful improvements in the education system and higher academic achievement for all students. The foundation's investment sites are: Albany, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Harlem (NY), Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Memphis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Newark (NJ), Phoenix, and Washington, D.C.

2013 Education Reform Grants

We invested more than $164 million in K-12 education reform in 2013.

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