K-12 Education

Shape Public Policy

For parents to be empowered to choose among high-performing schools, local and state public policy must allow for those choices to exist. To this end, we seek to build the capacity of organizations to help enact, strengthen and protect programs that empower parents to choose high-performing schools.

Investment Strategies

Within our Shape Public Policy initiative, we focus on advocacy groups promoting:

  • Public charter school choice;
  • Private school choice;
  • District reforms, particularly open enrollment and district school choice; and
  • Cross-sector parental choice, parents are empowered to choose across school sectors.

Our Grantees

The need to continue improving the public policy environment is central to our education reform strategy. Walton Family Foundation grantees engage in a variety of public information and advocacy efforts to influence public policy and practices. Grantees in our Shape Public Policy initiative include:

A full list of our Shape Public Policy grantees can be found here: 2013 Walton Family Foundation Grants


Together, the impact of our investments in our grantees is significant and includes measurable outcomes such as:

  • Stronger policies that support public charter schools and K-12 scholarship programs;
  • Increased number of high-performing schools and students;
  • Expanded capacity of public charter and parental choice associations; and
  • Greater parent access to user-friendly information that enables better decision-making and organizing.