Restoring the Environment and the Economy -
Gulf Renewal Project

The Gulf of Mexico is an environmental and cultural treasure.  It is also the backbone of our nation’s economy.  The Walton Family Foundation has made a long-term commitment to the restoration of the Gulf region to ensure that its people, communities and environments are strong and healthy now, and in the future.

Even before the 2010 oil spill, the region had been weakened by years of degradation from human use and natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina.

The Gulf region’s economy is tied directly to the strength and well-being of its environment. 

  • Fishermen rely on healthy seas in the Gulf. The Gulf produces roughly 40 percent of all the seafood in the lower 48 states (National Marine Fisheries Service).  
  • Tourism depends on the natural wonders of the Gulf. Restaurant, hotel and other hospitality workers are part of the Gulf’s $34 billion per year tourism industry (Oxford Economics).
  • Shipping and exports from across the country rely on a healthy Gulf. The Gulf region is home to 10 of our nation’s 15 largest ports by tonnage (American Association of Port Authorities).

To ensure that the Gulf is healthy and strong both now, and for future generations, we convened a unique and broad coalition of economic and environmental organizations to help support restoration in the region.

The coalition believes that restoration should reflect the diverse needs and interests of this region. Conservation, socio-economic and business development objectives should be pursued collaboratively and simultaneously.

The coalition includes:


A Family of Stewards: National Audubon Society's Response

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