National Wildlife Federation

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) works to inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future. As the nation's largest conservation organization, NWF and its 4 million supporters are committed to sustaining the nature of America for the benefit of people and wildlife. 

In partnership with Environmental Defense Fund, National Audubon Society, and state and local partners, NWF’s coastal Louisiana project focuses on ensuring that coastal Louisiana is safe and sustainable for people and wildlife. To do this, NWF and its partners are working to:

  1. Expedite the design and implementation of large-scale initiatives that restore the Mississippi River’s natural capacity to build land;
  2. Ensure the safety of communities and businesses in coastal Louisiana by advocating for hurricane protection that includes coastal restoration and non-structural measures; and
  3. Create sustained national and state funding and political will to move restoration from plan to action.