The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy's strategies in the Gulf are evolving to meet the region's increasingly complex challenges. With a nearly 40-year history in the area, they are now expanding their vision and goals for the Gulf, incorporating science-, community- and market-based solutions to help advance restoration of the region's vital systems at the required scale. The Nature Conservancy is also broadening alliances and marshaling staff and partner expertise as never before. The Walton Coalition is an ideal forum for catalyzing these partnerships and strategies.

The Nature Conservancy has been a part of the Gulf Coast community for almost 40 years with field offices, people and projects in every state. They have protected or restored hundreds of thousands of acres in the Gulf states and have helped create or expand many of the most popular national wildlife refuges and state parks in the region. They have unique expertise in restoring oyster reefs, protecting seagrass beds, replanting coastal forests and rebuilding coral reefs and have dozens of coastal restoration projects across the gulf region that demonstrate the tools and techniques that could be deployed on an expanded scale to accomplish Gulf-wide restoration.

On the policy front, the Conservancy's U.S. government relations staff based in Washington, D.C., and each of the five Gulf state chapters are actively reaching into the halls of state and federal capitols. The sphere of trusted partners – largely in The Nature Conservancy's state boards – who are committed to the betterment of the Gulf region is actively engaged in efforts to influence decisions that will result in more financial resources reaching the Gulf. 

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