4.0 Schools

4.0 Schools is a grantee in our "Create Quality Schools" initiative.  They are transforming K-12 public schools in the southeastern United States, changing a 19th century schooling system to meet 21st century needs. 

The goals of 4.0 Schools include:

  1. Promoting discussion about innovation in schooling through events like disruptED Day 2011. 
  2. Delivering world-class training for school leaders, teaching problem solving and helping people find where they can maximize their own impact on regional reform.  
  3. Taking the time to equip communities – urban and rural – with a vision of public schooling that equips their kids for success in a competitive global economy.
  4. Launching schools and other organizations that move from solving a tough problem in one community to driving reform across the region under their own power.
  5. Investing in technology that allows schools to share what they are learning with other reformers. 

4.0 Schools disruptED video

During New Orleans Entrepreneur Week 2011, 4.0 Schools hosted their first disruptED Day.