Environmental Defense Fund

Founded in 1967, Environmental Defense Fund’s (EDF) no-nonsense, non-partisan approach uses science and market incentives to bring about change. EDF has long recognized the enormous human and natural importance of the Gulf of Mexico, investing in restoring its natural health. 

EDF's Mississippi River Delta Restoration and Resilience Project aims to restore the natural land-building process of the delta ecosystem while simultaneously ensuring a vibrant, sustainable, and healthy future for Louisiana’s communities, culture and economy. 

EDF's Gulf Oceans team is focused on rebuilding the Gulf's health and saving its troubled multibillion dollar deep water fisheries, working with fishermen and related businesses to give them a direct economic stake in the long-term health of the marine ecosystem. 

All of their work on the Gulf Coast is supported by a diverse staff of policy and legal experts, PhD scientists, community advocates, and economists. EDF counts as partners universities, local stakeholder groups, and national organizations, such as The National Wildlife Federation, National Audubon Society, The Nature Conservancy, and the Ocean Conservancy.