eStem Public Charter Schools

Students in the chemistry classroom at eStem High School Public Charter School Students in the chemistry classroom at eStem High School Public Charter School

The Walton Family Foundation believes that the key to improving Arkansas schools is to invest in programs with proven results and empower local parents to choose the school that will best prepare their students for success. One program that is changing the lives of Arkansas students every day is the network of eStem Public Charter Schools.

We know that the students who will succeed in college and beyond are the ones equipped with the skills needed in the 21st century workforce. That’s why the foundation supports eStem, which prepares students to be college-ready, career-ready and world-ready by providing a curriculum focused on economics and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

eStem works with students from kindergarten through graduation to empower them to take ownership of their own learning and become creative, lifelong learners. In 2011, the foundation’s support allowed eStem to implement the Daily Five learning model in their K-8 school, a program with a proven record of helping students achieve high proficiency on critical state benchmark exams.

We believe that the programs that will transform our nation’s education system are the ones that improve the levels of accountability, transparency, choice and incentives in schools. eStem exemplifies that standard by providing an excellent learning environment for Arkansas students regardless of background or circumstance, tracking and measuring students’ progress and making the school’s results available to parents and the community. Through eStem and other programs across the state, the foundation continues its work to increase the number of educational opportunities available to Arkansas families and ensure that every child has a chance to succeed.