Information for Current Public Charter Startup Grantees

Eligibility for Additional Funding

The Startup Grant Program allows individual schools to receive up to $250,000 if they are formally authorized as a charter school. Schools that have already received $250,000 are not eligible for additional funding. If you feel your school is eligible for additional funding please visit our Seek A Referral page to contact your local grant partner. Please Note: If you are affiliated with an organization or school that has received funding in the past and currently have outstanding reports, you will not be able to receive funding until that organization or school has submitted their reports and they have been approved by a WFF Program Officer.

Post-Authorization Grants

If your school received a $30,000 Pre-Authorization grant, you may be eligible for a $220,000 Post-Authorization grant after your school has been formally authorized as a charter school. Please visit our Seek a Referral page to contact your local grant partner for more information about the requirements for Post-Authorization funding.

Reporting Documents

If your proposal is approved, your school is required to submit an annual expenditure and narrative report to describe how you have spent the grant funds. 

Grant Budget Amendments

Amendments to the approved grant budget must be submitted in writing to request increases or decreases to line items (without changing the overall amount of the grant award). You will need to complete the template below and submit to A Walton Family Foundation program officer will review the request for reallocation and make a decision to approve or deny.