KIPP Delta Public Schools

2011 Graduates of KIPP Delta Public Schools 2011 Graduates of KIPP Delta Public Schools

A critical part of the Walton Family Foundation’s home region work is our initiative to improve the quality of life in the Delta region of Arkansas and Mississippi. Enhancing a community means providing more and better educational opportunities, which is why the foundation supports the KIPP Delta Public Schools – a program with a proven model for success.

The KIPP Delta network of schools is comprised of four schools serving families in two communities  - Helena and Blytheville, Arkansas. With the foundation’s support, KIPP Delta grew to serve 870 students in the 2011-2012 school year – nearly 200 more than last year’s enrollment. And the KIPP Delta schools serve those students well – KIPP boasts a 96% graduation rate (compared to the Arkansas average of 85%). In 2011, 100% of those graduates were accepted to a four year college.

KIPP Delta students enjoy innovative classrooms led by engaging and energized teachers that infuse art, music and physical education into each day’s lessons. The foundation’s support helps the schools to build a culture of high expectations and high rewards, where students have a safe and supportive environment to work their hardest on their climb to and through college. KIPP Delta’s successful approach is making waves in the community; the schools were praised in a recent editorial in the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal.

The foundation seeks to improve life in the underserved Delta region by supporting programs that create sustainable educational achievement and provide choice to the community’s families. Delta families that want an excellent education for their children now have the choice of KIPP Delta, a school that will enrich students’ minds, guide them to graduation and support their path to college. Through programs like KIPP Delta, the foundation is working every day to transform the lives of Delta residents for generations to come.