Application Requirements

Once invited to apply, an eligible applicant will complete the online application, attach all required documentation, and submit the application package for review.

Public Charter School Startup Grant Proposal >

1. Signature Form
2. Management Team Resumes/Job Descriptions
3. Governing Board Resumes
4. School Business Plan
5. Financial Template 
6. Charter Status Documentation
7. 501(c)(3) Documentation
8. School By-Laws and Conflict of Interest Statement
9. Education/Charter Management Contract
10. School Performance Outcomes
11. School Audit
12. Signed Union Contract
13. Facility Contract
14. Human Resources Documentation
15. CMO/Parent Organization Documentation (CMO Business Plan, Network Operating Budget, CMO Audit)
16. Other Documentation as Necessary

Note: Current grantees must be up-to-date on expenditure reporting in order to apply for funding for additional schools.

Post-award Deliverables
If approved for funding, the grantee must provide the foundation with an annual report until all funds are expended summarizing grant-related expenditures, as required by IRS.