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Delta Region of Arkansas and Mississippi

Southern Place Apartments in Helena, Ark., were built through the Delta Bridge Project.

Our history of support and engagement in the Delta dates back to 1991. We work with our grantees to improve the quality of life in this impoverished region by implementing economic development and community-based strategies that lead to sustainable progress in these defined geographic areas, and by enhancing educational opportunities for children and adults. We work with two intermediary organizations that implement and monitor these projects:

Investment Strategies

Work in the Delta region is focused on the following strategies:

  • Improving education in independent public charter schools, state and geographically targeted advocacy organizations, and traditional school districts;
  • Economic development;
  • Community development; and
  • Leadership development and civic engagement.

Our Grantees

Grantees in our Delta Region initiative have included:

A full list of our Delta Region grantees can be found here: 2013 Walton Family Foundation Grants


As we continue our work with Delta region grantees, progress will be determined by key indicators such as:

  • New jobs generated;
  • Reduced poverty and unemployment rates;
  • Increased affordable housing;
  • Participation in youth programs; and
  • Increased student achievement.