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  • Philamplify Grantee Survey

    We are pleased to share the results of a recent survey of foundation grantees. Filled with valuable insights on our relationship with the individual and organizations we partner with on a daily basis, this is the most comprehensive survey of WFF grantees to date. We have three primary takeaways: Grantees have a strong overall perception of the foundation as an effective partner; A strong majority of grantees agree with our efforts to measure the effectiveness of grant-making; and Grantees want further support and partnership from us including, exposure and connections to other funding sources as well as networking and convening among grantees. The survey was conducted by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy. We value the actionable findings of this survey and look forward to continuing and expanding upon our strong relationships with hundreds of foundation grantees.

  • 2014 Annual Report

    In 2014, we invested more than $375 million in domestic and international projects that advanced our core priorities. Our commitments will continue to accelerate in 2015 as we focus on giving that empowers transformational change in diverse communities and the lives of the people who call those communities home.

  • Urban League of Greater New Orleans Receives $1.2 Million Grant

    The Walton Family Foundation has invested $1.2 million in the Urban League of Greater New Orleans to develop resources for parents to ensure their children have access to high-quality schools.

  • Statement On Fake Email That Promises Grant

    The Walton Family Foundation has been made aware of an email claiming to be from our Executive Director, Buddy Philpot. The Foundation did not send this email.

  • Statement On ILSR Report

    The Walton Family Foundation is proud of our decades-long track record investing in real solutions to tough environmental challenges.

  • Delta Partnership Designed to Prepare More Students for College

    KIPP Delta Public Charter Schools announced that it has received a nearly $500,000 grant from the Walton Family Foundation to fund a two-year pilot program to help prepare more students throughout the Delta for college.

  • Investing in Home-Grown Vision to Produce World-Class Results

    The Walton Family Foundation today announced its grant-making plan through 2020 for the Home Region, which includes an anticipated investment of more than $302 million.

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