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2010 K-12 Education Reform Grants

Shape Public Policy: Amount
Agudath Israel of Illinois $500,000
Alliance for School Choice, Inc. 2,308,376
American Center for School Choice 60,000
Arete Scholars Fund, Inc. 500,000
Arizona Charter Schools Association (ACSA) 682,000
Association of Missouri Charter Schools (AMCS) 270,133
Barry Goldwater Institute for Public Policy Research 50,000
Bellwether Education Partners 90,000
Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO) 675,000
Brookings Institution 200,000
California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) 3,940,652
Catholic Association of Latino Leaders Inc 150,000
Center for Education Reform 518,273
Charter School Partners 269,477
Children's Scholarship Fund (CSF) 13,559,790
Colorado League of Charter Schools 951,174
Colorado Legacy Foundation 24,261
Colorado Nonprofit Development Center (CNDC) 243,980
Colorado Succeeds 127,500
Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now Inc. (ConnCAN) 1,300,000
DC Public Charter School Board 108,000
DC School Reform Now 125,000
District of Columbia College Access Program 333,000
Education Pioneers 100,000
Education Reform Now, Inc. 1,325,000
Education Trust, Inc. 300,000
Excellent Education for Everyone, Inc. (E3) 750,000
Foundation for Educational Choice, Inc. 735,000
Foundation for Excellence in Education FEE 1,692,000
Friends of Choice in Urban Schools (FOCUS) 567,946
Georgia Charter Schools Association Inc. 650,000
Greater Houston Community Foundation 100,000
GreatSchools Inc. 1,800,000
Harvard College 405,600
Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options (HCREO) 240,000
Illinois Network of Charter Schools (INCS) 1,055,628
Indiana Public Charter Schools Association, Inc. 420,000
Institute For Justice 400,000
John K. Maclver Institute for Public Policy, Inc. 101,800
Klamath River Early College of the Redwoods 156,446
Los Angeles Parent Union 500,000
Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools 374,733
Lutheran Urban Mission Initiative Inc. 55,000
MAPSA - Michigan Association of Public School Academies 264,300
Marquette University 235,300
Milwaukee Chapter - Black Alliance for Educational Options Inc. (MCBAEO) 75,000
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools (NAPCS) 1,175,000
National Conference of State Legislatures 156,856
National Right to Work Legal Defense & Education Foundation 75,000
New Jersey Charter Public Schools Association 950,000
New Mexico Coalition for Charter Schools 50,000
New York Charter Schools Association (NYCSA) 585,459
NewSchools Venture Fund 237,350
Ohio Alliance of Public Charter Schools (OAPCS) 309,160
Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina (PEFNC) 525,000
Participant Foundation 500,000
Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools 203,000
Philanthropy Roundtable 100,000
PICO National Network 840,410
Public Education and Business Coalition 50,000
Reason Foundation 40,000
School Choice Ohio 415,000
School Choice Wisconsin 300,000
Stand for Children Leadership Center 1,378,527
Step Up for Students - Formerly Florida School Choice Fund - FSCF 666,240
Success Charter Network 1,310,000
Tennessee Charter Schools Association 812,000
Texas Charter Schools Association 715,000
Thomas B. Fordham Institute 557,780
United Community Center, Inc. 160,000
United Negro College Fund, Inc. (UNCF) 359,365
University of Notre Dame 300,000
Urban League of Greater New Orleans 200,000
Washington Scholarship Fund, Inc. 225,931
Shape Public Policy Total $52,487,447
Create Quality Schools: Amount
Academy for Global Citizenship Charter School $250,000
Academy of New Media Middle 30,000
Academy of North Minneapolis 220,000
ADI Charter Schools, Inc. 500,000
Alkebu-Lan Village 30,000
Alliance for Universal Education Inc 30,000
Amani Public Charter School 30,000
Aprendes Foundation 30,000
Aspire Alexander Twilight College Preparatory Academy 250,000
Aspire ERES Academy 250,000
Aspire Titan Academy 250,000
Aspire Vanguard College Preparatory Academy 250,000
Barack Obama Charter School 250,000
Brighter Choice Foundation 995,332
Broome Street Academy Charter High School 30,000
Building Excellent Schools (BES) 1,758,245
Building Hope 1,013,295
Camino Nuevo Elementary School #3 250,000
Camp Fire USA 30,000
Capitol Collegiate Academy 250,000
Carondelet Leadership Academy 220,000
Catalyst Elementary Charter School - Circle Rock 250,000
Center for Inspired Teaching f/b/o Inspired Teaching Demonstration School 250,000
CEO Leadership Academy, Inc. 250,000
Charter Fund - d/b/a CSGF Tennessee 1,563,109
Charter Fund, Inc. (CSGF) 12,533,526
Charter School Financing Partnership LLC CSFP 2,850,000
Charter School of Excellence Inc. 660,000
City of Trees Public Charter School 30,000
College-Ready Academy High School #11 250,000
College-Ready Academy High School #13 250,000
College-Ready Academy High School #14 250,000
College-Ready Academy High School #16 250,000
College-Ready Middle Academy #7 250,000
Colorado Nonprofit Development Center (CNDC) 150,000
Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee 478,770
Cornerstone Montessori Elementary 220,000
Crestworth Learning Academy 250,000
Crown Preparatory Academy 220,000
D'Arbonne Woods Charter School 250,000
DC Public Charter School Board 230,000
Democracy Prep-Blackstone Valley 250,000
Detroit Leadership Academy 250,000
Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health and Science Charter School 220,000
Eastbrook Academy 274,500
Edison Public School Academy 250,000
Educational Enterprises, Inc. 760,000
Environmental Charter Middle School 220,000
EPIC Academy Charter High School 250,000
e-STEM Public Charter Schools, Inc. 562,500
EXCEL Prep Charter School 220,000
Excellence and Equity in Education 30,000
Excellent Education Development, Inc. (ExED) 250,000
Fernando Pullum Performing Arts High School 250,000
Friends of E Prep Schools 30,000
Friends of Nest Charter School Inc. 50,000
Garden Homes Community Montessori School, Inc. 30,000
Global Green USA 55,010
Graham Expeditionary Middle School 220,000
Grand Center Arts Academy 220,000
Green Dot Public Schools 500,000
Hennepin Elementary School 30,000
Hiawatha Leadership Academy 249,500
Highland Park Leadership & Sports Academy 30,000
ICEF Elementary School #7 250,000
ICEF Middle School #8 250,000
IFF 1,200,000
Illinois College 30,000
Indiana Math and Science Academy- North Indianapolis 240,000
Inspire Charter Academy 250,000
Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy 250,000
Invictus Preparatory Charter School 250,000
Inwood Academy for Leadership Charter School 250,000
John Dibert Community School 250,000
King's Academy 250,000
KIPP Foundation 8,650,000
Lakeview Charter High School 220,000
Legacy Charter Academy 250,000
Legal Prep Charter Academy 30,000
Lighthouse Academies 100,000
Lincoln-King Academy 250,000
Little Rock Urban Collegiate Public Charter School for Young Men 220,000
Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) 2,584,000
Lotus School for Excellence 280,000
Madison Preparatory Academy 250,000
Magnolia Science Academy-8 Bell Charter School 250,000
Memphis College Preparatory School 250,000
Milwaukee College Preparatory School (Lindsay Heights Campus) 250,000
Milwaukee Community Cyber High School 250,000
Mission Preparatory School 250,000
MMAC Community Support Foundation 150,000
Montessori School of Englewood 30,000
Mundo Verde Bilingual Public Charter School 250,000
New Orleans College Preparatory Academies 250,000
New Urban Learning 220,000
Newark Charter School Fund 1,750,000
Newark Legacy Charter School 248,750
NewSchools Venture Fund 1,000,000
Northeast Ohio Preparatory School 250,000
Nova Academy Early College High School 250,000
Partners for Developing Futures 750,426
Partnerships to Uplift Communities 60,000
Passages Charter School 250,000
Pataula Charter Academy 220,000
Peoria Charter School Initiative 250,000
Pima Prevention Partnership 250,000
Preclarus Mastery Academy 30,000
Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation 250,000
ReNEW School #1 250,000
ReNEW School #2 250,000
Rosewood Community Development Corporation Inc. 10,000
Rowe Elementary School 250,000
Saint Anthony Congregation - Formerly St. Anthony School of Milwaukee 350,000
SOAR II Charter School 250,000
Sonoran Science Academy - Phoenix Metro 220,000
South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corp (SoBRO) 30,000
South City Preparatory Academy Charter School 30,000
Southland College Prep Charter School, Inc 250,000
Stockton Collegiate International Secondary School 250,000
Synergy Charter Academy 250,000
Taylor International Academy 250,000
The New Common School Foundation 60,000
Triumph Charter High School 220,000
University of Notre Dame 750,000
University Preparatory School 250,000
University YES! Academy 249,944
UNO Charter School Network 230,000
Urban Day School Inc. 440,000
Urban Prep Charter Academy for Young Men High School - East Garfield 250,000
Urban Prep Charter Academy for Young Men High School - South Shore 250,000
Valley Charter Elementary School 220,000
Valley Charter Middle School 220,000
Veritas College Preparatory Charter School 250,000
Washington-Parks Academy 250,000
Create Quality Schools Total $63,846,907
Improve Existing Schools: Amount
Achievement Network, LTD $62,500
Association of American Educators Foundation (AAE) 200,000
Cole Arts and Science Academy 100,000
Colorado League of Charter Schools 220,000
DC Public Charter School Board 860,573
DC Public Education Fund 10,000,000
Denver Green School (DGS) 300,000
Denver Public Schools 270,000
Georgia Charter School Commission, Inc. 245,100
High Bar, LLC 400,000
Indiana Public Charter Schools Association, Inc. 174,750
MAPSA - Michigan Association of Public School Academies 743,540
Marquette University 260,334
National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) 1,874,274
National Council of La Raza - NCLR 582,148
New Orleans East Charter Academies Inc. 200,000
New Orleans Military/Maritime Academy (NOMMA) 250,000
New Teacher Project 2,250,000
New York Charter Schools Association (NYCSA) 460,000
Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) 125,000
Pathways To Success (PTS) 25,000
Recovery School District (RSD) 666,891
Rhode Island Mayoral Academies (RIMA) 500,000
Seton Education Partners - formerly Aquinas Education Trust 150,000
Teach for America (National) 16,652,436
University of Notre Dame 897,600
Voices for International Business & Education 340,669
Improve Existing Schools Total $38,810,815
Research and Evaluation: Amount
Hoover Institution, Stanford University $569,018
Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) 39,700
University of Arkansas Foundation, Inc. 680,283
University of Notre Dame 250,000
University of Southern California 160,030
University of Washington 51,083
University of Washington Foundation - Center on Reinventing Public Education 50,000
University of Wisconsin - Madison 275,000
Research and Evaluation Total $2,075,114

2010 K-12 Education Reform and other education grants total: $157,220,283