Protecting natural resources, building economies

At the Walton Family Foundation, we know that conservation solutions that make economic sense are the ones that stand the test of time. We work to achieve lasting change by creating new and unexpected partnerships among conservation, business and community interests to build durable solutions to big problems.

We invest in organizations and programs that pursue lasting conservation solutions for oceans and rivers while also recognizing the role these waters play in the livelihoods of those who live and work nearby. The foundation focuses its environmental giving through two initiatives:

Freshwater Conservation, in which we work to sustain healthy and resilient communities of both wildlife and people in the Colorado and Mississippi River Basins.

Marine Conservation, in which we support initiatives that create economic incentives for sustainable resource management in some of the world’s most ecologically rich ocean areas, from Indonesia to Ecuador to the Gulf of Mexico.

We invested nearly $80 million in environment initiatives in 2015.

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