K-12 Education

Our mission is to improve K-12 outcomes for all students, especially those of limited means, by ensuring access to high-quality educational choices that prepare them for a lifetime of opportunity.

Education has the power to expand opportunities and transform lives.

The Walton Family Foundation is working to expand opportunities and empower children and families with choice. 

Since 1992, the foundation has invested more than $1.3 billion in K-12 education. We have supported a quarter of the 6,700 charter schools created in the United States and have funded reform-minded school districts. Our grants have historically focused on:

With our new 2015-2020 K-12 strategic plan, we are making an unprecedented commitment to expanding educational opportunity. We will focus our grant making on cities across the country — including New Orleans, Washington, D.C., Denver, Memphis, Indianapolis, Boston, Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Camden, San Antonio, and Oakland. Each city is both full of need and ready for change.

The Walton Family Foundation invested more than $200 million in K-12 education in 2014, and we're committed to investing $1 billion over the next five years.

View a complete list of our 2014 K-12 education grants by city.

Program Initiatives

High Quality Schools

We are a strong supporter of creating high quality schools and giving all families the opportunity to choose the best school.

Supporting Advocacy

We believe in empowering parents and students to communicate with their representatives.

Fueling Innovation

We support innovations that help solve persistent educational problems in America's school districts and classrooms.

Grantee Stories