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James Walton

Board Member

James Walton is a philanthropist, policy advocate and conservationist. He helms a direct-impact investment portfolio focused on driving positive change for people, communities and places worldwide. His work is inspired by his grandparents, Helen and Sam Walton, who believed that there is no limit to what individuals can accomplish if given the opportunity, encouragement and incentive to do their best.

He serves on the Walton Family Foundation Board of Directors, focusing on education, as well the foundation’s Environment Program Committee, focusing on river conservation efforts. James has long been engaged with the foundation’s K ‑ 12 Education Program and, in his personal philanthropic initiative, promotes diverse, individualized instructional models such as the Montessori Method. He is passionate about contributing to the equality of all children and establishing a governance system for public education that honors democracy, communities and diversity of outcomes.

James’ initiatives concentrate on increased equality and resiliency for indigenous communities, social-impact art patronage, urban mobility, youth-powered leadership and human well-being. He is passionate about learning and exploration. James is an avid mountain biker and whitewater kayaker with a love of nature that drives his conservation ethic and belief in the resiliency of diverse ecosystems.