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Coler Mountain Bike Preserve

A unique getaway in the Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas

With 250 miles of natural-surface trails, Northwest Arkansas has risen as a premier mountain biking and public recreation destination. And now, it’s cementing its status with the Coler Mountain Bike Preserve. Located on a pristine, nearly 300-acre site just a five-minute bike ride from downtown Bentonville, Coler offers visitors the opportunity to engage in active recreational experiences while reconnecting with themselves, others and the natural world.

Coler Mountain Bike Preserve Adds New Diversity, Thrills to Northwest Arkansas’ Trail System
This unique recreation destination is located on a pristine 300-acre site just a five-minute bike ride from downtown Bentonville, Ark.

Experience World-Renowned Mountain Biking

Coler’s mountain biking trails are second to none. The preserve includes 16 total miles of flow, cross-country, rock, dual slalom and flyover trails, as well as jump features, culminating at Peak One Hub at the top of the mountain. From the hub, bikers can choose their route based on level of difficulty to challenge themselves or hone their skills with each ride.

Coler offers flow trails from beginner to expert level with the green Family Flow, blue Fireline and black Cease and Desist and Drop the Hammer.
Bikers can grab an adrenaline rush on Coler’s Peak One Hub and Drop the Hammer jumps.

Hit the Greenways

Coler will build on Northwest Arkansas’s multi-use greenways with 1.6 miles of new paved paths for both transportation and recreational experiences. Once complete, users will be able to easily hop on and off the greenway to join group activities, toss a Frisbee or simply kick back.

1.6 miles of paved trails will run from the preserve’s north to south side for transportation and recreational activities.

Stay Awhile

Set in close proximity to the preserve’s trails and downtown Bentonville, Coler will feature 25 tent and hammock camping sites in a lush, natural setting. Wooden platforms will provide dry surfaces for tents, and a nearby restroom facility will give campers a chance to freshen up or shower after a day spent outside. Once settled in, visitors will be able to spend time with family, friends and fellow campers at the stone plaza and fire pit.

Coler’s camping and hammocking sites will offer easy access to the preserve’s natural-surface trails, tent platforms, fire pits, seating and showers – all within a five-minute bike ride from downtown Bentonville.

Gather Together

Intentionally designed with permeable thresholds between the outdoors and built environment, Coler offers the opportunity for both planned and unanticipated camaraderie and community-gathering experiences. It will include two renovated open-air barns for small group events, yoga platforms and a grove of trees for meditation and contemplation. For those looking to refuel, relax or reflect, Coler will also feature a café with scenic overlook, multi-use pavilions and the Berm, a hillside building at the intersection of the preserve’s trails where individuals can enjoy panoramic views.

Two renovated barns with open windows and doors will allow visitors to hang out, relax or host small group events.
Coler’s open-air pavilions will encourage both spontaneous and organized gatherings for celebrations, events and personal reflection.
Known as Coler’s front porch, the Berm Building and café will feature a commanding view of the preserve’s trails, renovated barns and surrounding land.

Commune with Nature

A green space gem with quintessential Ozark Mountain qualities, efforts are currently underway to restore Coler Creek to its natural condition. The preserve’s existing dam and pond will be removed to improve water quality, vegetation and aquatic life — sustaining this natural resource in perpetuity.

Visitors will be able to view the restored Coler Creek and surrounding wetlands through overlooks, boardwalks and stepping stone crossings.


Four trailheads will provide visitors with easy access to Coler’s trails, gathering spaces and camping options. In total, the preserve will have nearly 180 parking spots, including a nearby overflow lot, four restroom facilities and two bike wash stations.

Coler Mountain Bike Preserve: Trailhead and Pavilion