Our Impact

We believe a private family foundation can uniquely spark innovation and creativity in addressing social needs by investing to make a lasting difference.

A long-term vision for quality education, environmental conservation, and a thriving home region

The Walton Family Foundation is committed to investing in programs that will make a positive, long-term difference in three main areas of focus: 

K-12 Education: Empowering parents with quality school choices
Environment: Protecting natural resources and building economies
Home Region: Measurably improving the quality of life in our home region of Arkansas and the Mississippi Delta 

Learn more about the types of grants we provide, the geographic areas where we invest, how we measure for success and hear about the progress of our grantees.

Measuring Progress Toward Our Goals

Strategy, learning and evaluation play a central role in providing actionable information – including informing priorities for projects and organizations to be funded, as well as informing us about the foundation’s progress toward achieving our overarching strategy and initiative goals. Learn more about how we evaluate our investments and see what we've learned along the way