Restoring fisheries for healthier oceans and communities

We support work in Indonesia and the Americas — the U.S., Mexico, Peru and Chile — to significantly reduce overfishing and improve ocean health over the next 10 to 20 years. 

To secure healthy, sustainable fisheries, we will focus on policy changes, innovations in fisheries management and market pressure. We empower and incentivize fishermen and communities to fish smarter, not harder. We connect healthy fisheries with financial benefits for sustainable fishing, and in turn create incentives for good management of fishery resources.  

Over the next five years, we will strategically:

  • Develop the scientific information and tools to enable better fisheries management;
  • Support the implementation of rights-based fisheries management to provide secure tenure rights to fishermen;
  • Safeguard critical fish habitats with marine-protected areas and other spatial management tools;
  • Strengthen the capacity of fishermen, governments and civil society to rebuild fisheries;
  • Promote fisheries policies and programs that create positive incentives to encourage responsible fishing; and
  • Engage the supply chain to build support for healthy fisheries practices.

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