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How Do Charter Schools Perform?

September 4, 2015
  • City Charters are Strong

    The results for urban charter schools are stronger than the results for all charter schools nationally. 

    The 2015 Center for Research on Education Outcomes study, which focused exclusively on urban charter schools, found that, on average, urban charter schools fueled significantly higher levels of annual growth in math and reading than traditional public schools in the same city. The study found that urban charter students gained the equivalent of 40 days of additional learning each year in math and 28 days of additional learning per year in reading compared to local peers in traditional public school. 

    By comparison, CREDO’s earlier national charter school study, which included suburban and rural charters as well as urban ones, found that the average charter school student made the same learning gains in math as their traditional public school peers and gained 8 more days of learning in reading compared to traditional public school peers. 


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