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Get the Facts on the Achievement Gap

January 25, 2017
  • Creating Opportunity for All Students

    The achievement gap is persistent and pernicious — having a lasting impact on students, communities and the United States. 

    Narrowing it has proven challenging, but it continues to motivate many educators, academics, policymakers and philanthropists, including the Walton Family Foundation. 

    Increasingly, high-performing schools, from KIPP Infinity Charter School in New York, YES Prep Southwest in Houston, and Brooke Charter School in Boston, have proven it is possible to close the achievement gap separating students — helping high-needs minority students graduate from high school ready to succeed in college and life. 

    Going forward, the Walton Family Foundation aims to learn from these schools that are helping students succeed and invest in visionary educators and ideas that have potential to create opportunities for more American children to access high-quality educational opportunities.