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What Americans Think about Public Education

October 27, 2016
  • Opinions Can Change over Time

    Public opinion changes over time. The PDK/Gallup Poll reports that in 1970, three-quarters of Americans wanted local students to take national tests so their results could be compared with those of students in other cities and states. Today, 64% of Americans say there is too much emphasis on testing and 54% oppose having teachers in their community use the Common Core State Standards. Recently, support for the Common Core State Standards has fallen farther. 

    It is important for educators and leaders to routinely ask Americans what they believe is best for their children, their schools and their communities. 

    Some of the issues we hope will remain at the forefront include: 

    • School choice and opportunity
    • Facilities policies
    • Accountability 
    • The needs of low-income and urban communities