Research and Evaluation

Supporting research to answer critical questions

It's essential to understand the impact of reform efforts on students, schools and educators: What efforts are working and why? What could be better? How?

To answer these questions, the foundation will make research and evaluation grants that aim to support:

  1. Research that provides rigorous, actionable information to inform the foundation’s city, high-quality choice and innovation investments.
  2. Research investigating big questions related to the foundation’s theory of change.

The foundation has the responsibility to use evidence, both to refine its theory of change and to identify and support the most effective grantees. The foundation expects to learn from its successes and its failures.

Key grantees include:

  • University researchers, such as Martin West at Harvard University, Parag Pathak and Joshua Angrist at MIT, Susanna Loeb at Stanford University, Angela Duckworth at University of Pennsylvania, Ron Zimmer at Vanderbilt, Brian Jacob at University of Michigan and Mark Berends at University of Notre Dame
  • Contract research firms, such as Mathematica Policy Research, American Institute for Research and RAND
  • Research consortiums, such as D.C. EdCORE and the Research Alliance for New York City Schools