Supporting the High-Quality Choice Movement

We will support statewide and national efforts to develop environments receptive to choice, autonomy and innovation. This includes working with local educators and community leaders — as well as with some national organizations active in communities — to create local environments that are friendly to choice. This means, among other things, helping to ensure that innovative charter leaders can secure the facilities and facilities financing they need to serve students. It also means working with community-based organizations to understand local conditions and to meet the needs of local families who are demanding better choices. 

The foundation will invest in the following high-quality choice strategies:

  • Advocating for favorable policies for expanding opportunities
  • Supporting leading national reform organizations
  • Investing in communications to build awareness and support for high-quality choice
  • Supporting organizations that are helping schools of choice to find the facilities they need to serve students 

Over the next five years, we will expand our transparency and visibility, amplify the real-world impact of our grants and collaborate with non-traditional partners.

Key grantees include:

  • Charter School Growth Fund
  • Building Excellent Schools
  • Education Reform Now
  • American Federation for Children
  • Denver Public Schools
  • The KIPP Foundation
  • Building Hope and other charter facility-finance and technical-assistance organizations