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Walton Family Foundation and Gallup Gen Z Panel

The Gen Z Panel is one of the largest and most comprehensive national research surveys tracking the attitudes of Gen Z over time. The Walton Family Foundation is proud to launch this resource in partnership with Gallup.
Less than half of Gen Z are thriving

Gen Z deserves an education that prepares them with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive.

More than half of Gen Z report they are not thriving. Mental health may play a key role.

The data tells us that Gen Z suffers mental health challenges at higher rates than other generations. But the data also tells us that achievement and fulfillment in the classroom can get more Gen Zers to feel like they are thriving.

This is an opportunity to deliver an education system that matches the priorities of today’s students and helps all students thrive.

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The emotional state of Gen Z students enrolled in middle and high school is connected to their academic performance and attendance. Students with excellent mental health are more than twice as likely as those with fair or poor mental health to say they get excellent grades in school (53% versus 25%). Students with excellent mental health are also less likely to have missed any school in the past month compared to those with fair or poor mental health (41% versus 65%).