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Gen Z Grad Photo
Portrait of a group of Asian students taking selfies on graduation day.

Walton Family Foundation and Gallup Gen Z Panel

The Gen Z Panel is one of the largest and most comprehensive national research surveys tracking the attitudes of Gen Z over time. The Walton Family Foundation is proud to launch this resource in partnership with Gallup.
Optimistic, but not prepared

We don’t need to worry about Gen Z. We need to support Gen Z. Despite the challenges that Gen Zers face, they remain hopeful about their future.

However, not many report actually feeling prepared.

Education can close this gap. Could schools develop mentorship programs, or teach students about in-demand careers? The world looks a lot different than it did 50, 30 or even 10 years ago. This is the moment for education leaders and innovators to drive programs that better prepare students.

Table Chapter 2

“Our schools should provide students with relevant experiences and education to help them navigate the workforce one day."
Stephanie Marken, Gallup partner and executive director for education research