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Culture Code

How we work together

The Culture Code articulates how we work together and the type of environment we strive to create. It is the benchmark for our culture.

As employees of the Walton Family Foundation, we hold ourselves to a high standard of performance and impact. The way we work together and with others in our community – whether Walton family members, fellow employees or partners/grantees – reflects a commitment to demonstrating the qualities and characteristics that support a healthy, positive working environment. We should feel empowered to hold one another accountable for demonstrating these principles in our day-to-day work. To actively live out our mission, vision and values:

We are people who

  • Demonstrate respect, integrity and honesty;
  • Are innovative, creative and entrepreneurial;
  • Are knowledgeable in our respective areas of expertise, yet curious about new ideas and comfortable challenging the status quo;
  • Seek to elevate team over self, considering and actively engaging with others who will be impacted by our work and decisions; and
  • Focus on strategic impact, over personal agendas.

Working in an environment that

  • Values and recognizes diverse expertise, beliefs and life experiences and seeks to learn from those differences;
  • Solicits and embraces open-minded thinking from those in our community;
  • Provides opportunity to unlock the potential of its employees;
  • Challenges assumptions, biases or behaviors that don’t contribute to a respectful workplace; and
  • Promotes, encourages and models quality of life for all employees.