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Our Work

Big change can take decades, even generations, to realize. For these changes to endure, the hard work that gets us there must be innovative, inclusive and guided by the people and communities closest to the complex challenges we face. Across our work, we look, listen, learn and lead to create opportunity and achieve true impact.
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The Power of Opportunity
Everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed. No matter where you live. What you look like. Or how modest your beginnings. The Walton Family Foundation believes in the power of opportunity to transform lives. Build strong communities. And protect a natural world that sustains us all.
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A shared vision for the future
The problems we face today are more interconnected than ever. No one can solve them alone. The best ideas are often hiding in plain sight. We just need to listen and look for them.

At the Walton Family Foundation, we continually strive to understand better what works — and where we can improve. We support innovation, inclusion, collaboration and — above all — community-led change.

We listen to caregivers and conservationists. Educators and entrepreneurs. Farmers and futurists. Doers and dreamers. Their diverse perspectives help us reach shared understanding and create innovative solutions.

Our 2025 Strategy prioritizes three unifying objectives that sharpen our efforts and help ensure we practice our core values as we support our grantees' work.
Champion community-driven change

We are committed to ensuring the voices and needs of communities guide our work. This starts by listening. By learning from their lived experiences, we can help grantees lead community-driven solutions.

Change starts from the ground up. With leaders rooted in their communities. Like parents creating new school models to meet the unique needs of their children. Farmers and ranchers embracing sustainable practices to protect water. And entrepreneurs from underserved and immigrant communities that are too often excluded from opportunity. We support their ideas and elevate their solutions to deliver lasting change to our most complex challenges.

Stories of Community-Driven Change
Prioritize Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion are catalysts for innovation and creativity. We embrace and celebrate our differences. Then we put our differences to work to solve global challenges.

Our strategy prioritizes DEI because too many people are excluded from decisions that impact their lives. Like Communities of Color, which often face the first and worst impacts of education inequity and climate change.

Effective philanthropy must listen to and include those with the most at stake. For this reason, we embed DEI across our grantmaking to ensure fair and equitable access to funding. We believe this collective effort yields better, lasting solutions.

Stories of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Collaborate with partners

Every day is a new learning opportunity. Across our work, we support people with big ideas who look past differences and find creative ways to solve problems.

We are committed to leading together and redefining what it means to collaborate.

To build new partnerships that unite people, resources and ideas. It’s work that comes to life through collaboration with tribal leaders to find solutions to the water crisis in the West. And partnerships with community leaders in the Arkansas and Mississippi Delta to create a more equitable economy.

We are committed to bridging divides. Looking for new allies. Finding common solutions. We collaborate not only because our partners advance the causes we support but because they share our belief in helping people and communities access opportunity. To give everyone a chance to thrive.

Stories of Collaboration
Our Programs
For more than three decades, the Walton Family Foundation has focused on three core objectives: Improving education; Protecting rivers, oceans and the communities they support; and advancing our home region of Northwest Arkansas and the Arkansas-Mississippi Delta.
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