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Read stories connected to our Environment Program and learn how we're protecting the sources of life and livelihoods
Sheldon Alberts December 15, 2022
A national poll found overwhelming support among Latinos for measures to protect oceans. Grassroots organizers are turning that passion into action
Ted Kowalski October 25, 2022
Climate mitigation and advocacy are deeply underfunded and there is not enough support for water-conservation efforts
Caryl M. Stern October 4, 2022
Spending should focus on long-term solutions for water security, write foundation executive director Caryl M. Stern and Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego
Stories about the people working to address threats to water supply in the Colorado River basin
Sheldon Alberts September 27, 2022
In Arizona, farmers are exploring how drought-resistant guayule can help agriculture survive - and sustain the region’s water supply
Caryl M. Stern September 23, 2022
Innovation and collaboration in America’s agricultural heartland are protecting the environment – and the future of rural communities
Joshua Ventress September 15, 2022
Artisanal fishers in the Yucatán Peninsula are embracing sustainable fishing to protect the oceans – and their communities
Jill Ozarski August 25, 2022
Tackling inequities like access to clean water and indoor plumbing requires working directly with the communities most affected