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Home Region

Supporting Communities in Northwest Arkansas and the Arkansas-Mississippi Delta
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In a Minute: Our Home Region Program
This short video provides an overview of the Walton Family Foundation's Home Region program.
A Home Region where everyone has access to opportunity

People and communities can thrive with access to opportunity. That belief guides our Home Region work. We envision a more vibrant, inclusive economy in Northwest Arkansas. And see equity growing through education and financial security in the Delta. 

Realizing this vision for the Home Region will be a team effort. We listen to the voices closest to the challenges each community faces. We learn from their experiences. And lead with local organizations to unlock opportunity for every resident.

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A vibrant, inclusive Northwest Arkansas
Northwest Arkansas is the place our founders Sam and Helen Walton called home. For more than 35 years, it has also been home to the Walton Family Foundation.

Today, we are working to make Northwest Arkansas one of the most vibrant and inclusive communities in the nation. That means creating opportunities for underserved entrepreneurs and innovators. We are engaging teachers, parents and students to strengthen our schools. And we want to ensure that residents in every neighborhood have access to housing they can afford, diverse mobility options and vibrant cultural spaces.
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Unlocking the Delta’s full potential
Communities of Color in the rural South face a unique and stubborn set of barriers to opportunity. For more than 30 years, the foundation has supported communities in the Arkansas-Mississippi Delta working to uncover bold, homegrown solutions to these challenges.

Today, we remain committed to investing and engaging in the Delta. We are looking to the next generation of community leaders with innovative ideas to strengthen schools, support small businesses and create economic opportunities that will help Delta residents build a brighter future for their region.
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Our Home Region work reflects the voices and needs of the communities we serve. We celebrate the people committed creating opportunity by bringing their ideas for thriving communities to life.
Creating a Future of Enterprise and Opportunity
The foundation is committed to building new partnerships and listening to local leaders with innovative ideas to create opportunity in their communities.

Kim Davis May 9, 2022
The foundation launches a forward-looking, five-year strategy in the region, anchored by community input
Yee-Lin Lai November 5, 2019
I feel lucky to work with people brimming with tremendous ideas to help the region prosper.
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