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Northwest Arkansas

Rooted in a legacy of giving
A vibrant, inclusive Northwest Arkansas

The Walton Family Foundation is rooted in Northwest Arkansas. We are committed to making opportunity available to everyone who lives here. That means amplifying the voices of our emerging leaders. It means supporting entrepreneurs and innovators who strengthen the local economy. We are engaging teachers, parents and students to improve schools. And we're working to ensure residents in every neighborhood can access affordable housing, diverse transportation options and vibrant cultural spaces.

We want our work to reflect the voices and needs of all communities. Everyone deserves to be at the decision-making table. To do that, we're prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the work we do. In the voices we listen to. And the grants we make.

The foundation is in a unique position to bring together community leaders that make Northwest Arkansas better for everyone. We are building new partnerships. We're learning from all community members with innovative ideas. By doing that, we can help unlock opportunity for every resident.

Theory of Change: Northwest Arkansas
Our Theory of Change for Northwest Arkansas allows us to be bold in the challenges we take on together. It also helps us be nimble in how we approach solutions.
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Fostering inclusive growth & a sense of belonging

Inclusive growth means everyone who calls Northwest Arkansas home benefits from our region’s successes. It means they feel welcome to fully participate in all the area has to offer. We work with education nonprofits, school districts and community partners to ensure every student is prepared for college and high-quality jobs. We support efforts that help residents upskill or reskill.

Our work on housing and affordable transportation will help residents easily access employment centers, services and amenities. This requires a sustained effort to build meaningful connections across the region’s diverse communities. Together, we can inspire a genuine and shared sense of belonging.

Learn more about our Inclusive Growth & Sense of Belonging initiative.

Opening New Career Pathways in Northwest Arkansas.
Opening New Career Pathways in Northwest Arkansas
Learn how local companies and nonprofits are creating innovative training programs that fill workforce needs and help residents find higher-wage careers.
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Advancing economic & cultural vibrancy

From a diverse and innovative regional economy, where small businesses and startups can flourish, to world-class cultural opportunities, Northwest Arkansas can continue to build on its strong reputation as a thriving, nationally recognized region. Our work will expand efforts to ensure the region’s abundant opportunities are accessible to all — and solutions rise both from individual communities and collective work across the region.

Learn more about our Economic & Cultural Vibrancy initiative.

A graphic explains the fundamentals of an entrepreneurial ecosystem
Fundamentals of an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Entrepreneurship is key in building a vibrant economy. In Northwest Arkansas, the Walton Family Foundation is working to cultivate and expand the entrepreneurial ecosystem. As part of that vision, the foundation is supporting community partners as they build a pipeline for diverse entrepreneurial talent and remove barriers for underserved entrepreneurs.
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Supporting community leadership & capacity

We believe in engaging and elevating the voices of a diverse array of local leaders with a deep commitment to their community. This helps ensure the long-term vitality and vibrancy of Northwest Arkansas. We support training, networking and organizations that work closely with the community to develop a diverse pipeline of next-generation leaders.

Learn more about our Community Leadership & Capacity Building initiative.

Embracing Collaboration and Community-Driven Change
No one can solve today’s biggest problems alone. The foundation is working with local partners across Northwest Arkansas to promote collaboration and support innovative solutions that take on these complex regional challenges together.
October 19, 2021
The Walton Family Foundation supports community-driven housing solutions that help Northwest Arkansas remain an inclusive, vibrant and affordable place to live, where everyone has access to mixed-income, walkable, transit-accessible neighborhoods.
June 20, 2022
A COVID Relief Fund grant helped INTERFORM supply Northwest Arkansas communities with masks during the early phase of the pandemic. That experience helped the fashion and design nonprofit expand into small-batch production.
September 24, 2021
What is the role of education in creating one of the most vibrant and inclusive communities in the country? It’s a question we recently posed to community members, educators, parents and students in Northwest Arkansas. The group was united in their response: When comes to our schools, the voices of the community must be front and center.
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