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Basana Chhetri June 21, 2022
Following a successful mask-making push, INTERFORM expands into small-batch production
Kim Davis May 9, 2022
The foundation launches a forward-looking, five-year strategy in the region, anchored by community input
Yee-Lin Lai April 12, 2022
Upskill NWA provides tuition funding, childcare and transportation to help workers transition from low-paying jobs into high-demand, higher-paying careers
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Abe Hudson February 25, 2022
A pilot program in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, brings a teacher training organization to Jefferson County
Kim Davis February 23, 2022
In a region where high-quality teachers are in high demand, Teach Plus helps educators advocate for changes so they – and their students – can thrive
Promoting the highest level of design in Arkansas’ Benton and Washington counties
Kim Davis February 23, 2022
In Jefferson County, Arkansas, Go Forward Pine Bluff is charting a path to greater opportunity.
Yee-Lin Lai February 3, 2022
In Northwest Arkansas, Right to Start amplifies the voices of underserved entrepreneurs and helps remove barriers to their success