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Kim Davis November 1, 2019
Adrienne Hudson is helping reduce teacher shortages that limit opportunity for Delta students.
Stories from the Delta. Ben Lewis. Meraki. RD12
Sheldon Alberts October 17, 2019
At Meraki Roasting Company, Ben Lewis helps Delta youth gain confidence and critical job skills
Stories from the Delta. Anja Thiessen. Spring. RD5
Sheldon Alberts October 1, 2019
At Spring Initiative, staff and students create a community of caring to overcome life’s challenges.
Sheldon Alberts September 13, 2019
Canoe guide Mark ‘River’ Peoples uses the power of the Mississippi River to inspire and educate his students
Kim Davis August 12, 2019
In Northwest Arkansas, RootED NWA is helping diverse communities understand and access the school options available for their kids
Promoting the highest level of design in Arkansas’ Benton and Washington counties
Delta After School. Shifting Rhythms Pop up
August 6, 2019
Through training in technology, arts and entrepreneurship, Shifting Rhythms helps youth develop new skills and self-expression.
Crystal Bridges. Nature's Nation. Hogue
A new exhibit at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art examines how artists shape understanding of the natural world.