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Jeremy Pate March 2, 2023
The foundation’s “Theory of Change” for the region is designed to help us – and our partners - be bold and nimble in finding solutions to our shared challenges
Jessie Long March 1, 2023
High school junior Zachary Clifton uses ChatGPT to bridge gaps in his understanding
Jessie Long March 1, 2023
English teacher Patrick Powers says ChatGPT is a more dynamic research tool
Walton Family Foundation Conference
Jessie Long March 1, 2023
9 Great Ways for Teachers to Get Started
Jessie Long March 1, 2023
In Diego Marin’s math class, ChatGPT helps differentiate support for students at all levels
Rooted in Opportunity is a series of stories that focuses on the foundation's five core values.
Jessie Long March 1, 2023
American history teacher Joe Welch uses the chatbot technology to lower barriers for students
Yee-Lin Lai February 23, 2023
How the Walton Family Foundation supports and advances entrepreneurship in the region