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Kim Davis April 11, 2024
A coalition-building organization in the Arkansas-Mississippi Delta is connecting the dots between what people want and how to find it
Kim Davis April 5, 2024
One local leader from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, is revitalizing neighborhoods and setting low-income neighbors on the path to home ownership.
The foundation is exploring new ways of interpreting data and evidence to evaluate impact
Kim Davis March 19, 2024
Through financial literacy and friendship, Delta Circles is improving the lives of Black women in the Arkansas-Mississippi Delta
Walton Family Foundation Conference
Kim Davis March 12, 2024
From education to housing to financial literacy, Delta residents are invested in the future
Rooted in Opportunity is a series of stories that focuses on the foundation's five core values.
Stephanie Cornell February 23, 2024
Philanthropy needs committed, passionate people to succeed. These six foundation staff members distinguished themselves in their work to create access to opportunity
Tina Fletcher February 20, 2024
A fellowship with Southern Methodist University is helping make the field of philanthropic evaluation more equitable and inclusive