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K-12 Education

Read stories connected to our K-12 Education Program and learn how we're expanding access to a high-quality education
Viridiana Carrizales September 16, 2021
ImmSchools trains teachers, families to support immigrant children facing educational challenges
Melinda Wright September 2, 2021
Why we must do more to support and uplift entrepreneurs of color
A new $50-million initiative will help address the research funding deficit in education.
The more we share our stories, the more we learn what communities want and need for their children
Anand Kesavan July 9, 2021
Amid COVID-19, the Equitable Facilities Fund proved there is market value in educational opportunity
Everett Banks July 6, 2021
Schools used emergency funds to help relieve the challenges of remote learning during the pandemic
Providing charter schools with access to capital 
to create and expand facilities
In Florida, Toni and Uli Frallicciardi fuel their students' passion for academics and action sports
Amid the upheaval caused by COVID-19, parents are rethinking the future of school