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K-12 Education

Read stories connected to our K-12 Education Program and learn how we're expanding access to a high-quality education
Scott Crossley May 4, 2023
Vanderbilt University professor says tools like ChatGPT introduce novel ways for communicating and collaborating in the classroom
Jessie Long March 1, 2023
High school junior Zachary Clifton uses ChatGPT to bridge gaps in his understanding
Jessie Long March 1, 2023
English teacher Patrick Powers says ChatGPT is a more dynamic research tool
Jessie Long March 1, 2023
9 Great Ways for Teachers to Get Started
Jessie Long March 1, 2023
In Diego Marin’s math class, ChatGPT helps differentiate support for students at all levels
Providing charter schools with access to capital 
to create and expand facilities
Jessie Long March 1, 2023
American history teacher Joe Welch uses the chatbot technology to lower barriers for students
Donielle Lee February 10, 2023
These leaders are helping to redefine education and create greater access to opportunity for Black students, families and communities