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K-12 Education

Read stories connected to our K-12 Education Program and learn how we're expanding access to a high-quality education
Ronnie King February 2, 2023
MyVillage Project is building a model for Black-led groups leading educational change
Lamar Danley January 19, 2023
“This is our time to take charge,” says Howard University student Lamar Danley
Bruno V. Manno January 13, 2023
With the pandemic's impacts on learning still rippling through schools, K-12 stakeholders must step up and do more to support families and students
Bruno V. Manno October 6, 2022
New research shows the importance of cross-class friendships to students’ success in school and life
Bruno V. Manno August 31, 2022
A new study finds diverse, community-level friendships can help low-income children become upwardly mobile
Jalil Lenore July 6, 2022
The award-winning artist, actor, author and activist says school helped him discover his potential. Now he’s helping students from his hometown find theirs
Providing charter schools with access to capital 
to create and expand facilities
June 16, 2022
For students without reliable internet during the pandemic, Instruction Partners developed a printable core curriculum for schools
An online curriculum helps young people launch and run their own businesses