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K-12 Education

Read stories connected to our K-12 Education Program and learn how we're expanding access to a high-quality education
How schools can create personal and professional networks to increase students' opportunity equation
How skills-based pathways to careers can create more pluralistic opportunities for students to succeed
Education Program Director Romy Drucker reflects on women she admires and who influence her work
Graham Browne March 15, 2022
At Forte Preparatory Academy in Queens, students discover pathways to individual and collective success
In his new book, “The Opportunity to Rise,” Bruno V. Manno shares his “rational optimism” about the future of K-12 education in America
Sheldon Alberts February 21, 2022
For 17-year-old Grace Callwood, a terrible diagnosis sparked a lifelong desire to combat the sadness of kids confronting personal trauma
Romy Drucker November 30, 2021
At a time of upheaval and ongoing uncertainty, we are grateful for the students, parents, educators and communities that remain resilient
The Walton Family Foundation today named Romy Drucker director of the foundation’s K-12 Education Program, which focuses on supporting communities and families to ensure students are thriving academically and socially and are supported in finding their unique path to the careers and lives they choose. Read the press release
Gabrielle Wyatt November 9, 2021
To address everything from education equity to the racial wealth gap, we must support and amplify Black women leaders
Zahir Mbengue November 3, 2021
An eighth-grade class found its voice during a grassroots campaign to rename a Chicago park