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High angle view of large group of elementary students having a class in the classroom. Teacher is assisting one student.


Expanding access to a high-quality education for a lifetime of opportunity
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In a Minute: Our Education Program
This short video provides an overview of the Walton Family Foundation's Education program.
For every student, a pathway to a secure and fulfilling life

The Walton Family Foundation has worked for decades alongside education leaders in communities across the country. Together, we want to increase access to high-quality education. When this happens, opportunity and a self-determined life are in reach for every child.

Our grantees and partners have made significant progress to address educational and racial inequities. But the challenges that remain are both daunting and humbling. We must confront the sobering fact that our education system still tolerates a significant opportunity gap. This exacerbates downward mobility for too many children, rather than propelling them upwards.

Our core initiatives focus on families most in need. We support new ideas that have a measurable impact on student success. And we tailor and scale what works. Doing so meets the urgent needs of today’s students and creates lasting change for future generations.

May 23, 2022
Across the country, communities are listening to and learning from families who want learning environments that better serve the evolving needs of their children
February 3, 2023
Meet the people and organizations transforming lives in their communities by creating access to opportunity, one good idea at a time.
The Gen Z Panel is one of the largest and most comprehensive national research surveys tracking the attitudes of Gen Z over time. The Walton Family Foundation is proud to launch this resource in partnership with Gallup.

Theory of Change

Our Vision

All children, especially those most in need, are thriving academically and socially and are supported in finding their unique path to the careers and lives they choose.

Our Why

We believe that every human has the capacity to thrive when given the opportunity and tools to do so. Helping to create that opportunity for all children is the focus of our work.

Our How

A successful personal and professional life is impossible without a quality education that helps us shape our sense of self, fosters mental and social-emotional well-being and imbues us with the academic and life skills we all need to thrive.

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