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Supporting innovation in education to help improve schools and student outcomes
Fueling solutions for persistent educational problems

For 30 years, the foundation has funded innovation in education to help improve schools and student outcomes. We support efforts like:

New school models:

  • Tailored approaches to student needs; and
  • Empowering educators and families.
  • We will continue to support this type of innovation and new efforts promising further improvement.

The foundation is particularly interested in supporting:

  • Novel school models, including those that have new approaches to college prep and career and technical education.
  • New ways — beyond test scores — to advance long-term success, including understanding non-cognitive attributes.
Creating a New Future for School and Learning
Across the country, communities are reinventing what learning looks like and creating new solutions to serve the evolving needs of their children. These are stories of innovative educators creating community-driven solutions that expand the notion of what school and learning can be in the future.
May 11, 2022
In North Carolina, Guilford County Schools created a personalized, flexible learning program to help at-risk students recover from learning loss and build stronger connections with teachers and classmates.
April 28, 2022
Paramount Schools of Excellence was preparing a virtual instruction model prior to COVID-19. The global pandemic only deepened the Indianapolis school network’s innovation and commitment to provide families with remote learning options.
April 19, 2022
Collegiate Edu-Nation has created one of the nation’s most successful workforce pathways programs by providing opportunities for students in small towns like Roscoe, Texas to earn well-paying jobs — and build a stronger future for their communities
May 19, 2022
Through WeThrive Education, Daquan Oliver is providing underserved teens a pathway to economic opportunity and career success.
Covid Innovation Series (Map)
Supporting Visionary Educators Opening the Schools of the Future
The Walton Family Foundation’s Innovative Schools Program supported educators and entrepreneurs who opened schools that look and feel truly different and can help students achieve at the highest level.
November 13, 2019
Meet some of the innovators who are changing education. These schools serve as powerful examples of what can be achieved for students when experience, vision and drive come together.
December 16, 2019
Build UP in Birmingham, Alabama is an early college workforce development program that gives kids the opportunity to earn their high school diploma, an associate's degree and complete a paid apprenticeship to learn high-skilled, high-wage trades.
December 1, 2019
Jessica Tunney founded TLC Public Charter School to address a shortage of inclusive education options in Orange County. The school's mission is to demonstrate that not only is inclusion possible, but it is preferable for students with disabilities, students who do not have disabilities and students with diverse life experiences of all kinds.
Accelerating Innovation and Opportunity for Every Learner
The foundation helped launch the Vela Education Fund to support innovators and educators in their pursuit to reimagine and improve access to learning.

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