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Research and Evaluation

Expanding access to a high-quality education for a lifetime of opportunity
Supporting research to answer critical questions

    It's essential to understand how change impacts students, schools and educators: What efforts are working and why? What are the skillsets and mindsets that students need to be socially and economically mobile? What could be better? How? To answer these questions, the foundation makes research and evaluation grants to inform grantmaking. Through a variety of mechanisms, we seed studies, surveys and analysis that:

    • Provides rigorous, actionable information to inform the foundation’s investments.
    • Identifies what accelerates student learning at the quickest pace.
    • Surfaces insights from students, parents and educators.

    We expect to learn from our successes and failures.

      Listening to Generation Z Views on Education and Careers
      The Walton Family Foundation partnered with Murmuration to conduct extensive research into the attitudes and interests of Generation Z. The project, conducted by John Della Volpe and Social Sphere, aims to add depth and detail to vital questions about how Gen Z sees their future, determines their values, and understands their expectations of public and private institutions.
      Murmuration and the Walton Family Foundation (WFF) today released the research report "Looking Forward with Gen Z" to better understand and prepare for the outsized level of influence this generation will have on society
      The Future of AI and Education
      The Walton Family Foundation and Impact Research conducted the first national survey of how teachers and students are using ChatGPT. The survey helps us understand the opportunities and challenges AI presents in today's classroom.
      Meet the Overlooked

      Analysis from Bellwether Education Partners and the Walton Family Foundation estimates that parents of 10.8 million children did not get what they wanted from their child’s school during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, some found new options, some disengaged from the system entirely and others are grappling with unresponsive systems and limited choices. Together, they are The Overlooked. Learn More

      Changing Perspectives on Education
      How did the pandemic impact students? And how have parents' mindsets and priorities for their child’s education changed as a result of the pandemic? To answer this question and understand implications for the future of K-12 education, the Walton Family Foundation supported extensive research into the educational fallout from the pandemic and parent views on the future of education.
      October 26, 2022
      How did parents' mindsets and priorities for their child’s education change as a result of the pandemic?
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