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Understanding Teacher and Student Views on ChatGPT

New research from the Walton Family Foundation affirms that when it comes to integrating Open AI’s ChatGPT tool into their classrooms, educators are innovators.

In November of 2022, artificial intelligence research lab OpenAI released ChatGPT, a powerful AI chatbot that can generate conversational, human-sounding text in response to user prompts or questions. In a matter of seconds, ChatGPT can draft a college essay, create computer code, explain Keynesian economics to a sixth grader, or write lyrics for an 80s-style breakup song.

Research by the Walton Family Foundation shares the results of the first national survey of teacher and student attitudes toward ChatGPT. The findings are clear: both educators and students are embracing innovation, optimistic that the tool’s remarkable strengths can meaningfully complement traditional instruction and even begin to help solve some of education’s more intractable challenges.

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