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Tapping ChatGPT for Guidance with on Music, Writing

May 3, 2023
"I like fiddling around with it for inspiration," says Samuel Worley

Like many students, Samuel Worley uses ChatGPT to critique his writing and even “pre-grade” school essays.

Samuel Worley
Samuel Worley

But he’s most excited about using the tool to get his creative juices flowing. “I’m hoping to figure out how to use AI with music,” says Samuel, a budding jazz composer who plays a multitude of instruments including piano, keyboard, violin, bass guitar and a little bit of drums.

“My new year’s resolution was to release a new song every day for the whole year.”

Most of his tunes are original. But Samuel sometimes taps ChatGPT to suggest a catchy chord progression or melody. “I like fiddling around with it for inspiration,” he says.

Worley was interviewed as part of the Walton Family Foundation's research into how ChatGPT is being used by teachers and students.

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