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Student Uses ChatGPT as Debate Coach

May 3, 2023
High school junior Laila Ayala says the chatbot helps brainstorm topics for her debate team
Laila Ayala
Laila Ayala

Laila Ayala, a junior at Comp Sci High School in the Bronx, says ChatGPT has livened up her debate team practices.

Her team often struggled to come up with fresh topics to debate.

Now, Ayala and her teammates use the chatbot to brainstorm more engaging prompts, from current events to climate change to universal healthcare.

“I really like how it not only diversifies the prompts and makes them more relevant. But the prompts aren’t just focused on American issues. They’re focused on worldly issues,” Ayala says.

“It pushes me to want to be more creative in my own thinking.”

Ayala was interviewed as part of the Walton Family Foundation's research into how ChatGPT is being used by teachers and students.

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