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Parent Perspectives on Education

The pandemic inspired parents to permanently reimagine the future of education. They are leading the charge - developing community-centric solutions that better meet the needs of their children. As we head into a new school year, what can these community-driven solutions teach us about the expectations parents have for their child’s education?
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Meet The Overlooked
The Movers. The Missed. The Muted.

New analysis from Bellwether Education Partners and the Walton Family Foundation estimates that over the last 18 months, parents of 10.8 million children did not get what they wanted from their child’s school. As a result, some have found new options, some have disengaged from the system entirely and others will have to grapple with unresponsive systems and limited choices this fall. Together, they are The Overlooked.

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Key Insights
The Overlooked highlights the increasing number of parents across the country harnessing their ingenuity and problem-solving intuition to identify, create and scale learning environments that better meet the specific needs of their children. But millions of families continue to face barriers to high-quality learning options. How can policymakers join with parents to unlock access to the community-driven solutions that will drive the education transformation in this country? Learn more about what parents want and what must be done to fill the unmet needs.
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