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Hand and forearms of three female college students; One in middle in focus one in back ground and one if foreground blurred with reflection of one on computer screen wearing face mask using technology working on laptops; part of a series (Shot with Canon 5DS 50.6mp photos professionally retouched - Lightroom / Photoshop - original size 5792 x 8688 downsampled as needed for clarity and select focus used for dramatic effect)

AI in the Classroom

New survey shows surge in teacher familiarity with ChatGPT

The Walton Family Foundation commissioned one of the earliest surveys to understand teacher and student views on ChatGPT. A year later, it’s clear that AI is here to stay: 79% of teachers are familiar with ChatGPT. That's up from 25% one year ago.

Teachers appreciate and are quickly embracing AI's transformative potential for student learning. They are innovating while testing new tools that utilize AI to solve some of education’s recurring challenges.

This new research explores how AI is emerging in the classroom as a partner to teachers, students and parents alike.

Explore the New AI Research
Read the results of a new Impact Research survey detailing how teachers, parents and students view the use of AI chatbots in education.
Winston Roberts with student
One Teacher's AI Journey: Preparing Students for a Future of Success
In Newark, New Jersey, middle school teacher Winston Roberts uses AI to help students learn financial literacy. The KIPP Bold Academy educator says AI holds incredible potential as a tool for teachers and students, especially those from less-privileged backgrounds.
Stories from the Frontlines of AI in Education
Read how new AI tools can help improve learning outcomes and address diverse student needs.
Donielle Lee June 11, 2024
The Math Hint Generator Chatbot demo serves as a virtual tutor to help kids “get unstuck”
Donielle Lee June 11, 2024
The Early Literacy Interventions Tool uses ChatGPT to answer questions and design learning plans
Donielle Lee June 11, 2024
An interactive school comparison tool shows the potential of AI chatbots to help families evaluate school quality to make informed choices
Ian Connell June 19, 2024
An innovator from the Charter School Growth Fund reflects on new data and refines his AI predictions from one year ago
Watch: New AI Tools Hold Promise to Transform Learning and Teaching
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