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Yancopin Bridge in the Delta

Arkansas and Mississippi Delta

A prosperous and thriving Delta
Unlocking the Delta's full potential

The foundation is committed to supporting people building lasting impact in the Delta. Like so many rural places, the Delta holds incredible potential. But it has been largely overlooked by the outside world. Look more closely, and you will find a region ripe with talent.

As the Delta finds its way forward, the Walton Family Foundation is listening to established and emerging leaders. They are working to reshape the region’s economic, educational and creative landscape.

This work includes:

  • Finding solutions for the inequity of investment in rural communities;
  • Developing creative access to capital and mentorship for small business owners and entrepreneurs who have historically been disadvantaged;
  • Strengthening the pipeline of talented local educators with access to high-quality certifications;
  • Helping students access the full range of college and career opportunities, and;
  • Helping underserved Delta residents build and maintain wealth through pathways to home ownership and financial literacy.

With the right resources and support, Delta leaders are making an inclusive, equitable and thriving Delta a reality.

A Strategy for Community-led Growth and Prosperity
The foundation's strategy in the Arkansas-Mississippi Delta focuses on three key areas: education and youth engagement, economic asset building for individuals and families and high-impact coalition building.
Abe Hudson February 25, 2022
A pilot program in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, brings a teacher training organization to Jefferson County
Kim Davis February 23, 2022
In a region where high-quality teachers are in high demand, Teach Plus helps educators advocate for changes so they – and their students – can thrive
Kim Davis September 19, 2022
Along the left bank of the Mississippi River, something exciting is brewing. The river itself is a marvel, a super-charged vehicle for commerce, transportation and agriculture. And the land surrounding it? Some of the richest soil in the world.
Our initiatives in the Arkansas-Mississippi Delta

Education and Youth Engagement

  • Investing in training, certifying and supporting the next generation of teachers.
  • Supporting community efforts to help every student access the full range of post-graduation pathways.
  • Ensuring more strong education options so children can succeed in college and their careers.

Economic Asset Building for Individuals and Families

  • Building partnerships to help underserved Delta residents work toward home and land ownership and build wealth and financial security for their families.
  • Supporting coalitions strengthening job training opportunities, especially for youth.
  • Ensuring small businesses have access to the support they need to succeed.

Supporting Emerging Leaders and Community-led Coalitions

  • Providing resources to elevate the voices of the next generation of leaders in the Delta.
  • Collaborating with local organizations to build capacity and more equitable and inclusive communities.
Our approach is tailored to the Delta, anchored in solutions designed by the community that calls this place home.
Kim Davis, Walton Family Foundation senior advisor
Griot Arts students dancing
Featured Video: A Region Brimming with Creativity and Potential
In the Delta region of Mississippi and Arkansas, we’re proud to work with talented educators, entrepreneurs and young people who are determined to improve quality of life. Their optimism and resilience is helping the region confront its challenges and create new opportunities for all residents.
Mississippi River Delta Timber Scenic
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