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Read stories connected to our Environment Program and learn how we're protecting the sources of life and livelihoods
Paul Greenberg shares insights into how to improve the health of global fish populations – and how seafood consumers can help
Sheldon Alberts April 21, 2022
On Earth Day, the foundation’s Environment Program leaders discuss the threats posed by climate change – and the actions we can take to turn the tide
Ted Kowalski March 31, 2022
New funding for Native American water projects in the Colorado River basin requires stronger tools to help tribal communities impacted by water shortages
Leaders of the foundation's Environment Program share their thoughts on women they admire and who inspire their work
Sheldon Alberts February 14, 2022
Black conservationists and naturalists have made pioneering, overlooked contributions to protecting and advancing knowledge of the natural world
First-of-its kind project will use machine learning and remote sensing to track beaver wetland changes in the Colorado River Basin
Renu Mittal January 28, 2022
An effort to register an artisanal fleet becomes a source of pride for its community
Jill Ozarski December 16, 2021
In the West, conservationists, ranchers and land managers are restoring streams with techniques perfected by nature’s most diligent engineers