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2009 Walton Family Foundation Grants

In 2009, the Walton Family Foundation made grants totaling more than $378 million, primarily to organizations and projects in the following funding areas

Systemic K-12 Education Reform$134,119,354
Shaping Public Policy
Creating Quality Schools
Improving Existing Schools
Research and Evaluation
Freshwater and Marine Conservation$55,598,778
Marine Conservation Areas
Freshwater Conservation
Other Environment Related Grants
Quality of Life Initiatives in Our Home Region$27,389,312
Arkansas Education Reform
Northwest Arkansas
Delta Region of Arkansas and Mississippi
Special Initiatives$159,900,454
Walton Family Charitable Support Foundation
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Inc.
Other Special Initiatives
Grants of Less than $10,000

List of 2009 Grants

Systemic K-12 Education Reform Grants

Shaping Public Policy
Agudath Israel of Illinois
Alliance for School Choice, Inc.
Arizona Charter Schools Association
Arts Engine, Inc.
Association of Missouri Charter Schools
Black Alliance for Educational Options
Brookings Institution
California Charter Schools Association
Center for Education Reform
Children's Scholarship Fund
Colorado League of Charter Schools
Cure Texas Network
DC School Reform Now
Education Pioneers
Excellent Education for Everyone, Inc.
Florida School Choice Fund - FSCF
Foundation for Educational Choice, Inc.
Foundation for Excellence in Education
Friends of Ascension
Friends of Choice in Urban Schools
Georgia Charter Schools Association Inc.
Georgia Department of Education
GreatSchools Inc.
Harvard College
Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options
Illinois Network of Charter Schools
Independent College Fund of Arkansas
Indiana Public Charter Schools Association, Inc.
Institute For Justice
Jewish Family Services of Milwaukee
Los Angeles Parent Union
Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools
Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
Marquette University
Marquette University
Michigan Association of Public School Academies
Milwaukee Chapter - Black Alliance for Educational Options Inc.
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools
National Association of Charter School Authorizers
National Right to Work Legal Defense & Education Foundation
National Urban League
New Jersey Charter Public Schools Association
New Schools for New Orleans Inc.
New York Charter Schools Association
Ohio Alliance of Public Charter Schools
Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina
Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina
Philanthropy Roundtable
PICO National Network
Piton Foundation
Rhode Island Mayoral Academies
School Choice Ohio
Seton Educaton Partners
Success Charter Network
Success Charter Network
Texas Charter Schools Association
Third Way Foundation
Thomas B. Fordham Institute
United Negro College Fund, Inc.
Urban League of Greater New Orleans
Washington Scholarship Fund, Inc.
Shaping Public Policy Total
Creating Quality Schools
Academia Moderna
Active Minds Institute Inc. f/b/o Active Minds Charter School
Alliance for Universal Education Inc
Amazing Young Minds and Athletes Corporation
American Relief Services, Inc. f/b/o American International Academy
Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory High School of North America
Ararat Charter School
ARISE Academy
Atlas Preparatory School
Benjamin E. Mays Preparatory School
Better Learning Communities Academy
Bright Water Elementary
Brighter Choice Foundation
Building Excellent Schools
Building Hope
Carondelet Leadership Academy
Center for Inspired Teaching f/b/o Inspired Teaching Demonstration School$10,000
Cesar Chavez Academy-Denver$250,000
Challenge Foundation Academies of Arizona Inc.$250,000
Charter Fund, Inc.$13,766,914
Charter School of Excellence CSE04-09 Campus$250,000
Charter School of Excellence CSE05-09 Campus$250,000
Charter School of Excellence Inc.$90,000
Charter School of Excellence Wilton Manors Campus$250,000
Christel House Academy High School$250,000
Christopher House f/b/o Christopher House Charter School$20,000
Cien Aguas International School$250,000
College Prep Elementary$250,000
College-Ready Middle Academy #4$250,000
College-Ready Middle Academy #5$250,000
Colorado Nonprofit Development Center$100,000
Coney Island Prep$220,000
Construction Advancement Program Inc.$10,000
Cornerstone Academy Preparatory School$250,000
Cornerstone Montessori Elementary School$30,000
Counseling Research & Associates Inc.$10,000
Cultural Diversity and Identity Development Institute Inc.$10,000
Denver Language School$220,000
Denver School of Science and Technology$250,000
Earn Academy$20,000
Educational Enterprises, Inc.$15,750
Endeavor College Preparatory Charter School$220,000
Environmental Charter High School$30,000
Envision Leadership Prep$250,000
Equitas Academy Charter School$220,000
Euphemia L. Haynes Public Charter School$250,000
Excel Prep Charter School$30,000
Excellent Education Development, Inc.$250,000
FAIT Academy$20,000
Freedom Preparatory Academy Charter School$220,000
French School$220,000
Fresno College Prep Elementary$10,000
Futuro College Preparatory Elementary School$220,000
Gabriella Axelrad Education Foundation$30,000
Gabriella Charter School$220,000
Galapagos Rockford Charter School$250,000
Gals the Girls Athletic Leadership Schools$50,000
Gary Lighthouse Charter School College Prep Academy$460,000
Genesis Center for Growth and Development Inc.$10,000
Girls Athletic Leadership School - Denver$220,000
GOAL Academy (Guided Online Academic Learning)$250,000
Goethe International Charter School of L.A.$220,000
Gompers Charter Middle School$220,000
Graham School$50,000
Greater Educational Opportunities Foundation$20,000
Hardy Brown College Prep - Project Pipeline$260,000
Heketi Community Charter School$20,000
Hennepin Elementary School$10,000
Heritage Preparatory Academy$50,000
Hollywood Entertainment Museum$10,000
Hoosier Academy-Indianapolis$250,000
Hope Christian School$300,000
Horizon Science Academy - Columbus Elementary School$250,000
Horizon Science Academy - Columbus Elementary School$250,000
Horizon Science Academy - Denison Elementary School$250,000
Illinois College f/b/o Leadership Middle School of Learning$20,000
Indiana Aerospace Jr./Sr. High School$250,000
Indianapolis Lighthouse Charter School College Prep Academy$460,000
Innovation Network for Communities f/b/o University Prep Science & Math High School$20,000
Intercultural Charter School$249,888
Intown Academy$30,000
Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter School$400,000
Jamaa Learning Center$20,000
King-Chavez Community High School$250,000
KIPP Austin Academy of Arts & Letters$250,000
KIPP Coastal Village$250,000
KIPP DC: College Preparatory$250,000
KIPP DC: Discover Academy$250,000
KIPP Denver Collegiate High School$250,000
KIPP Explore Academy$250,000
KIPP Foundation$3,870,000
KIPP Harmony Academy$250,000
KIPP NYC College Prep$250,000
KIPP STRIVE Academy$250,000
KIPP University Prep High School$250,000
KIPP Voyage Academy for Girls$250,000
KIPP Zenith Academy$250,000
Klamath River Early College of the Redwoods$149,630
Lagniappe Elementary Academy$249,992
Lagniappe Middle Academy$249,470
Larchmont Charter School$30,000
Latin American Youth Center, Inc. f/b/o WISE PCS$10,000
Leadership Academy for Mathematics and Science$19,185
Leadership Preparatory Academy$20,000
Legal Prep Charter Academies$10,000
Lilies of the Field Youth Services Inc.$10,000
Local Initiatives Support Corporation$2,233,000
Magnolia Science Academy-6$250,000
Math and Science Preparatory Academy$30,000
Math, Science & Technology Charter School$20,000
Mentors of Minorities in Education, Inc.$10,000
METSouth High School$20,000
Middle School Advocates, Inc.$40,000
Minnesota Leadership Academy$30,000
Morris Jeff Community School$20,000
Namaste Charter School$250,000
NCB Capital Impact$30,000
New Orleans College Prep Charter School$250,000
New Spirit Charter Academy$10,000
Newark Charter School Fund$1,600,000
NewSchools Venture Fund$4,023,972
Nova Southeastern University, Inc.$30,000
Nueva Esperanza Charter Academy$250,000
Paramount School of Excellence$250,000
Partners for Developing Futures$660,258
Pataula Charter Academy$50,000
Paul Public Charter School$10,000
Perspectives Charter School$250,000
Phoenix Collegiate Academy$220,000
Pima Prevention Partnership$10,000
Preclarus Mastery Academy$20,000
Pride College Preparatory Academy$250,000
Prism Education Center$20,000
ReNEW School #1$20,000
ReNEW School #2$20,000
Replications Inc f/b/o Mott Hall Charter School$20,000
RISE Academy School of Science & Technology at Tamarac$250,000
Saint Anthony Congregation$250,000
San Diego Global Vision Academy$10,000
San Diego Global Vision Academy$10,000
Santa Rosa Charter Academy$250,000
Seeds for Life$30,000
Seeds of Health, Inc.$70,000
Seventh & Sourou Gentlemen's Academy$20,000
SOAR Charter School$250,000
Somerset Academy Village Middle School$250,000
Somerset Academy West Davie$250,000
Sonoran Science Academy - Phoenix Metro$30,000
Sophie B. Wright Charter School$250,000
Spanish School$220,000
St. HOPE Leadership Academy$250,000
St. Marcus Lutheran School$450,000
Stapelton Foundation for Sustainable Urban Communities$30,000
Stellar Opportunity School$20,000
STEP Academy$20,000
Success Preparatory Academy$250,000
Summit Academy Charter School$220,000
Synergy Academies$20,000
TEAM Academy Charter School$250,000
The Foresee School$10,000
The Hyde Foundation$20,000
The New Common School Foundation$40,000
The Rosewood Academy of Mathematics Science and Technology$10,000
Thomas MacLaren State Charter School$250,000
Trinity Ministries Worship Center Inc.$10,000
Two Rivers Public Charter School$200,000
University Public School Phoenix$250,000
University Scholarships$1,321,093
Urban Day School Inc.$80,000
Urban Health Plan Inc. f/b/o Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health & Science Charter School$50,000
Valley Charter Elementary School$50,000
Valley Charter Middle School$40,000
Valor Academy Charter School$220,000
Victory Development Programs$20,000
Village Preparatory School$220,000
Watts Learning Center$250,000
West Denver Preparatory Charter School$260,000
West Denver Preparatory Charter School - Northwest Campus 2$250,000
Westminister Leadership Public Charter School$10,000
Westside Inclusive School House Charter Elementary$250,000
Wild Spots Foundation$10,000
Wisconsin Lutheran College$150,000
Woodlands School, Inc.$20,000
Youth Development Inc.$10,000
Creating Quality Schools Total$67,646,143
Improving Existing Schools
CEO Leadership Academy, Inc.$150,000
Choate Rosemary Hall Foundation, Inc.$1,622,000
Chula Vista Elementary School District$144,560
Community Service Council of Greater Tulsa$15,000
DC Public Charter School Board$1,939,304
DC Public Education Fund$100,000
Denver Public Schools$290,000
District of Columbia College Access Program$334,000
Fay School$10,000
Global Gardens$20,000
Governor Dummer Academy$35,000
National Council of La Raza$1,026,953
New Heights Christian School$20,000
New Schools for New Orleans Inc.$75,000
New Teacher Project$3,500,000
Nueva School$25,000
Phillips Brooks School$50,000
Recovery School District$650,918
School Performance Inc.$488,989
Teach For America (National)$7,209,746
Teton Science School$3,088,000
Tulsa Public Schools$10,000
University of Notre Dame$778,400
Improving Existing Schools Total$21,582,870
Research and Evaluation
Ball State University$152,080
Hoover Institution, Stanford University$440,963
National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment$31,500
Northwest Evaluation Association$169,188
University of Arkansas Foundation, Inc.$10,000
University of Arkansas Foundation, Inc.$79,992
University of Arkansas Foundation, Inc.$600,000
University of Notre Dame$500,000
University of Southern California$74,652
University of Washington Foundation - Center on Reinventing Public Education$150,000
University of Wisconsin - Madison$350,000
Research and Evaluation Total$2,558,375

Freshwater and Marine Conservation Grants

Marine Conservation Areas
Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fishermen's Association Inc.$250,000
Cayetano Heredia Foundation$117,875
Comunidad y Biodiversidad, A.C.$651,150
Conservation International Foundation$10,989,768
Consultative Group on Biological Diversity$80,000
Ecology Project International$444,250
Environmental Defense Fund$13,563,680
Environmental Law Institute$136,903
Fondo Mexicano para la Conservacion$304,096
John G. Shedd Aquarium Society$100,000
Marine Fish Conservation Network$62,500
Marine Stewardship Council$1,700,000
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation$1,000,000
National Geographic Society$100,000
Nature Conservancy Inc.$341,119
Noroeste Sustentable$572,459
Ocean Conservancy$2,352,919
Pronatura Notoeste AC$42,087
San Diego Society of Natural History$191,487
Sociedad de Historia Natural Niparaja A.C.$462,389
Trust for Conservation Innovation$1,037,913
University of California Regents$102,462
Wild Salmon Center$425,000
World Wildlife Fund$624,944
Marine Conservation Areas Total$36,192,593
Freshwater Conservation
Ag Technology and Environmental Stewardship Foundation Inc.$88,850
American Whitewater$30,000
Boulder Community Foundation$25,000
Colorado Environmental Coalition$31,991
Colorado Water Trust$56,500
Ducks Unlimited$94,075
Environmental Defense Fund$2,447,095
Environmental Working Group$50,000
Grand Canyon Trust$45,000
High Country Citizens Alliance$38,600
Land Stewardship Project$100,000
Meridian Institute$74,548
Mississippi Fish and Wildlife Foundation$175,000
Mississippi's Lower Delta Partnership$55,000
National Audubon Society$1,184,542
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation$132,500
National Geographic Society$123,980
National Wildlife Federation$1,011,425
National Wildlife Refuge Association$50,000
Nature Conservancy$37,750
Nature ConservancyInc.$749,009
Practical Farmers of Iowa$50,000
Princeton University$60,967
Pronatura Notoeste AC$33,250
San Juan Citizens Alliance$25,650
Sand County Foundation$176,824
Southwest Conservation Corps$65,659
Tamarisk Coalition$401,152
Trout Unlimited$90,000
University of Colorado Foundation$53,965
Western Conservation Foundation$125,000
Western Resource Advocates$81,344
Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area Corporation$47,169
Colorado State University Foundation$89,828
Freshwater Conservation Total$7,951,673
Other Environment Related Grants
Philanthropy Roundtable$50,000
Aspen Center for Environmental Studies$15,000
Conservation International Foundation$10,000,000
Earth Ocean Farms USA, LLC$100,000
Ecology Project International$60,000
Global Explorers$50,000
Grand Canyon River Guides$10,000
Herring Gut Learning Center$10,000
ICF - International Community Foundation$27,115
Nature Conservancy - Arizona$25,000
Nature Conservancy of Texas, Inc.$25,000
Nature Conservancy, Inc. - Arkansas$252,396
University of Montana Foundation$500,000
Sustainable Northwest$265,000
Texas A&M University-Kingsville$15,000
Walden Woods Project$25,000
Wild Salmon Center$25,000
Other Environment Related Grants Total$11,454,512

Quality of Life Initiatives in Our Home Region

Arkansas Education Reform Grants
Arkansans for Education Reform Foundation$105,000
Arkansas Aims - Arkansas Advanced Initiative for Math and Science, Inc.$269,682
Arkansas Department of Education$29,000
Arkansas Economic Acceleration Foundation$89,760
Arkansas State Council on Economic Education$22,998
Association of American Educators Foundation$295,000
Bentonville Child Care & Development Center$673,738$100,000
e-STEM Public Charter Schools, Inc.$278,342
Lighthouse Academies$500,000
LISA Academy-North Little Rock$220,000
Little Rock Preparatory Academy$220,000
Little Rock Urban Prep, Inc.$156,000
Southern Bancorp Capital Partners$4,600,000
University of Arkansas Foundation, Inc.$66,796
University of Arkansas Foundation, Inc.$80,283
University of Central Arkansas Foundation$1,530,954
Northwest Arkansas Grants
Adult Development Center of Benton County, Inc.$502,500
Area Agency on Aging of Northwest Arkansas Foundation$14,000
Arkansas Research Alliance$50,000
Arkansas Tech University$188,000
Benton County Single Parent Scholarship Fund$239,000
Benton County Solid Waste District$13,835
Bentonville Public Schools$77,760
Bentonville/Bella Vista Trailblazers Association, Inc.$1,013,555
Botanical Garden Society of the Ozarks$83,227
Boys & Girls Club of Benton County$25,000
Camp War Eagle, Inc.$3,416,555
Catholic Social Services, Diocese of Little Rock$98,000
Children's Museum of Northwest Arkansas$186,000
Circle of Life$10,000
City of Bentonville$571,860
City of Farmington$20,000
City of Rogers$561,748
City of Siloam Springs$313,775
Credit Counseling of Arkansas, Inc.$89,500
Decision Point, Inc.$311,025
Downtown Bentonville Inc$80,000
Habitat for Humanity of Benton County, Inc.$10,000
Horses for Healing, Inc.$20,000
Illinois River Watershed Partnership$100,000
Jones Center for Families Inc.$205,505
Just Communities of NWA, Inc.$39,429
Keep Benton County Beautiful$19,467
Life Styles, Inc.$25,000
Lincoln School District$106,678
Literacy Council of Benton County, Inc.$25,000
Miracle League of Arkansas, Inc.$30,000
Northwest Arkansas Community College Foundation, Inc.$1,090,250
Northwest Arkansas Community Foundation$148,400
Ozark Natural Science Center, Inc.$15,000
Pea Ridge School District$13,000
Peel House Foundation$647,223
Siloam Springs Public Schools$92,960
United Way of Northwest Arkansas$138,000
University of Arkansas Foundation, Inc.$100,000
Upper White River Basin Foundation$25,000
Walton Arts Center Inc.$1,030,000
Washington County Single Parent Scholarship Fund$220,691
Washington Regional Medical Foundation$19,500
Delta Region of Arkansas & Mississippi Grants
Foundation for the Mid South$1,623,988
KIPP - Delta College Preparatory School$286,500
KIPP Academy Elementary School$250,000
KIPP Blytheville College Preparatory School$250,000
KIPP Delta Elementary Literacy Academy$250,000
Mississippi First$15,000
Mississippi State University$372,409
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools$50,000
Southern Bancorp Capital Partners$1,962,048
Teach for America-Arkansas$1,067,072
University of Arkansas Foundation, Inc.$38,299

2009 Special Initiatives Grants

Other Special Initiatives
American Heart Association$12,500
American Quarter Horse Foundation$50,000
American Red Cross Greater Arkansas Chapter$10,000
Amon Carter Museum of Western Art$576,700
AOPA Foundation Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association$20,000
Arizona Science Center$337,500
Arkansas Community Foundation$45,000
Arkansas Policy Foundation$10,000
Arkansas Repertory Theatre$10,000
Arkansas Sheriff's Youth Ranches, Inc.$10,000
Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund$477,892
Arkansas Tennis Patrons Foundation$10,000
Army Historical Foundation, Inc.$15,000
Aspen Valley Medical Foundation Limited$10,000
Aspen Valley Ski-Snowboard Club, Inc.$40,000
ASPIRE-Assisting Single Parents in Realizing Education$90,916
Autism Center of Tulsa Inc$10,000
Baxter County Public Library Foundation$10,000
Boy Scouts of America$23,000
Boys & Girls Clubs of America$25,000
Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix$15,000
California Academy of Sciences$430,000
Careity Foundation$25,000
CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocates$10,000
Catholic Association of Latino Leaders Inc$150,000
College of the Ozarks$25,000
College of Wooster$20,000
Colorado State University Foundation$20,000
Columbia College$10,000
Columbia Law School$25,000
Community Foundation of Jackson Hole$210,000
Connors Development Foundation$10,000
Denver Foundation$250,000
Dickinson State University Foundation$250,000
Dickinson State University Foundation$15,000
East Central University Foundation, Inc.$10,000
Edmond Family Counseling , Inc.$10,000
Evergreen State College Foundation$10,000
Fellowship of Christian Athletes$12,500
Floresta USA, Inc.$10,000
Fort Smith Boys & Girls Clubs$10,000
Fuller Theological Seminary$10,000
Georgetown University (President and Directors of Georgetown College)$35,000
Gilcrease Museum Management Trust$10,000
Girl Scouts of Magic Empire Council, Inc.$10,000
Good Samaritan Clinic$11,400
Grand Canyon Youth$125,000
Habitat for Humanity of Springfield Inc.$10,000
Happy Hill Farm Children's Home$20,000
Harrison Chamber Foundation, Inc.$10,000
Holy Land Christians Society$25,000
Hope Inc.$10,000
Hot Springs Documentary Film Institute$20,000
Imagination Celebration of Fort Worth, Inc.$10,000
Infant Crisis Services$10,000
Institute for Humane Studies$40,000
International Mountain Bicycling Association$11,796
Junior Achievement of Eastern Oklahoma, Inc.$10,000
Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation$500,000
Lawton Beautiful, Inc.$10,000
Lawton Heritage Association, Inc.$10,000
Leland Stanford Junior University$100,000
Leland Stanford Junior University$50,000
Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health$10,000
Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York, Inc.$15,000
Mayo Clinic Arizona$100,000
Messmer Catholic Schools Scholarships$10,000
Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth$50,000
Muscular Dystrophy Association$15,000
Museum of Northern Arizona, Inc.$10,000
National Council on Economic Education$20,000
National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum$10,000
National Cowgirl Museum & Hall of Fame$50,000
National Cutting Horse Association Charities Found.$100,000
National Gallery of Art$100,000
National Museum of Women in the Arts, Inc.$35,000
New Haven Home, Inc.$100,000
New Life Ranch$75,000
New York Historical Society$810,000
Not My Kid, Inc.$15,000
Oklahoma Caring Foundation, Inc.$10,000
Old Jail Art Center$10,000
Operation One Voice$10,000
Peninsula Habitat for Humanity$10,000
Peoples Mission Church$10,000
Performing Arts Fort Worth, Inc.$76,800
Phoenix Art Museum$25,000
Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation$25,000
Phoenix Theatre$15,000
Playing for Change Foundation$20,000
Presbyterian Children's Homes & Services$10,000
Presbyterian Church USA - PRI$192,745
Prescott College$16,500
Salvation Army$64,500
San Diego Society of Natural History$301,500
Southwest Conservation Corps$185,000
St. Mary's Hospital Foundation$25,000
Stanford University$45,000
Stanford University - John W. Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities$800,000
Star Rock Ministries$10,000
Students in Free Enterprise$150,000
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.$10,000
Team Up for Youth$10,000
Texas Rangers Association Foundation$10,000
Toledo Museum of Art$10,000
Tulsa Area United Way$12,000
Tulsa Ballet Theatre$30,000
Tulsa Future Inc.$20,000
Twentieth Century Club of Little Rock, Inc.$20,237
UCSD Cancer Center Foundation - U C San Diego Foundation$31,231
United States Forest Service$28,610
United Way of Palo Pinto County, Inc.$50,000
United Way of Parker County$25,000
University of Arkansas Foundation, Inc.$10,000
University of California Regents$25,000
University of California San Diego Foundation$500,000
University of Colorado Foundation$50,000
University of Oklahoma Foundation, Inc.$15,000
University of the Ozarks$79,876
USA Cycling Development Foundation$50,000
Utah State University - Gombe Project$15,000
Valley of the Sun United Way$20,000
Vietnam Veterans of San Diego d/b/a Veterans Village of San Diego$20,000
Wake Forest University$40,000
YMCA of Shawnee Oklahoma, Inc.$15,000
Young Life Foundation$10,000
Young Womens Christian Association of Oklahoma City$10,000
Zoological Society of San Diego$13,500