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2012 Walton Family Foundation Grants

In 2012, the Walton Family Foundation invested more than $432 million in initiatives to expand opportunity for individuals and communities in the United States and internationally. The majority of investments were made in three key areas of focus – K-12 education reform, freshwater and marine conservation and quality of life initiatives in Arkansas and Mississippi.

A full list of grants made in 2012 is below:

Systemic K-12 Education Reform$158,142,809
Shape Public Policy
Create Quality Schools
Improve Existing Schools
Research and Evaluation
Freshwater and Marine Conservation$91,699,578
Marine Conservation Areas
Freshwater Conservation
Other Environment-related Grants
Quality of Life Initiatives in Our Home Region$30,386,785
Arkansas Education Reform
Northwest Arkansas
Delta Region of Arkansas and Mississippi
Special Initiatives$150,834,824
Walton Family Charitable Support Foundation$109,744,500
Other Special Initiatives$41,090,324
Grants of Less than $10,000$1,608,750

K-12 Education Reform Grants in 2012

Shape Public Policy: Amount
50CAN, Inc$1,650,000
Agudath Israel of America, Inc.500,000
Alliance for School Choice, Inc.1,700,000
American Center for School Choice125,000
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research182,103
Americans for Prosperity Foundation325,000
Arizona Charter Schools Association586,475
Arizona School Choice Administration Corporation100,000
Association of American Educators Foundation512,000
Association of Missouri Charter Schools326,300
Barry Goldwater Institute for Public Policy Research200,000
Beacon Center of Tennessee75,000
Bellwether Education Partners185,000
Black Alliance for Educational Options1,114,200
Brookings Institution666,968
California Charter Schools Association5,000,000
Center for Education Reform809,209
Center of the American Experiment25,000
Charter School Partners314,000
Children First Fund- The Chicago Public School Foundation478,380
Colorado League of Charter Schools245,000
Colorado Nonprofit Development Center175,000
Colorado Succeeds100,000
Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives25,000
Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now Inc.450,000
Douglas County School District300,000
Editorial Projects in Education250,000
Education Pioneers547,928
Education Reform Now, Inc.500,000
Education Sector Inc.220,000
Education Trust-West360,000
Education Writers Association100,000
Educators for Excellence156,602
EdVoice Institute for Research and Education400,000
Families Empowered400,000
Families for Excellent Schools, Inc.218,000
Florida Charter School Alliance168,345
Foundation for Excellence in Education1,000,000
Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, Inc.465,000
Friends of Choice in Urban Schools737,434
George W. Bush Foundation159,000
Georgetown University1,634,419
Georgia Charter Schools Association Inc.840,000
Georgia Family Education and Research Council, Inc.100,000
Georgia Public Policy Foundation135,000
GREAAT Schools Inc193,400
GreatSchools Inc.4,300,000
Harvard University454,790
Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options292,000
Illinois Network of Charter Schools1,023,000
Illinois Policy Institute50,000
Independence Institute40,000
Indiana Public Charter Schools Association Inc.392,529
Institute for Innovation of Public School Choice265,845
Institute For Justice525,568
James Madison Institute for Public Policy Studies, Inc.40,000
John K. Maclver Institute for Public Policy, Inc.75,000
LA Voice100,000
Los Angeles Parent Union2,521,369
Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools586,280
Mackinac Center50,000
Michigan Association of Public School Academies426,085
Marquette University289,468
Massachusetts Charter Public School Association350,000
MICAH Project152,500
Milwaukee Charter School Advocates235,027
Morehouse College300,000
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools1,250,000
National Conference of State Legislatures147,500
National Council on Teacher Quality25,000
National Governor's Association Center for Best Practices225,000
National Public Radio1,400,000
National Right to Work Legal Defense and Education Foundation83,333
New Jersey Charter Public Schools Association354,161
New Schools for Chicago220,000
New Schools for New Orleans Inc.1,229,570
New York Charter Schools Association725,000
Newark Charter School Fund1,875,000
NewSchools Venture Fund1,100,000
Nova Southeastern University Inc25,000
Oakland Community Organizations200,000
Ohio Alliance of Public Charter Schools382,706
Pahara Institute500,000
Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina600,000
Partnership for Los Angeles Schools193,780
Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools150,000
People Acting in Community Together200,000
Philanthropy Roundtable115,000
PICO National Network200,000
Pioneer Institute, Inc.211,150
Public Education and Business Coalition164,026
Reason Foundation75,000
Regents of the University of Colorado65,756
Rhode Island Mayoral Academies500,000
School Choice Indiana320,000
School Choice Ohio605,000
School Choice Wisconsin300,000
Show-Me Institute25,000
Silicon Valley Community Foundation250,000
Stand for Children Leadership Center343,402
Stand for Children Leadership Center (Indiana affiliate)278,189
Stand Up300,000
Step Up for Students644,000
Students for Education Reform250,000
StudentsFirst Institute2,000,000
Success Academy Charter Schools1,000,000
Tennessee Charter Schools Association268,126
Texas Charter Schools Association725,000
Texas Public Policy Foundation25,000
Thomas B. Fordham Institute650,000
United Negro College Fund, Inc.1,490,523
University of Arkansas Foundation Inc329,125
University of Notre Dame384,228
University of Washington Foundation - Center on Reinventing Public Education700,000
Urban League of Greater New Orleans491,300
Women in Government Foundation100,088
Shape Public Policy Total$60,920,186
Create Quality Schools:Amount
4.0 Schools$646,467
Academy 360250,000
Academy for Global Citizenship Charter School250,000
ACE Charter High School250,000
Amandla Charter School250,000
Apple Academy Charter Public Schools250,000
ARC4H Academy250,000
Arizona Autism Charter Schools, Inc.30,000
Aurora Collegiate Academy Charter School220,000
Better Learning Communities220,000
Bridges Public Charter School30,000
Brighter Choice Foundation945,000
Brilla College Preparatory Charter School250,000
Building Excellent Schools, Inc3,240,050
Building Hope1,800,000
Camino Nuevo Elementary No. 3250,000
Carmen High School of Science and Technology333,333
Carpe Diem Collegiate High School - Meridian Campus250,000
Catalyst-Maria Charter220,000
Central Queens Academy Charter School250,000
Challenge Foundation Academy30,000
Charter Fund, Inc.14,900,000
Charter School Growth Fund - Louisiana2,000,000
Children's Scholarship fund8,212,000
Christel House DORS220,000
Christian Musical Skill Center dba The Performing Arts Conservatory30,000
Christopher House Charter School220,000
City Year Inc773,000
Collegiate Academy 1250,000
Collegiate Academy 2250,000
Colorado Nonprofit Development Center40,000
Columbus Collegiate Academy - West Campus220,000
Cristo Rey Network920,000
DC Preparatory Academy199,000
DC Scholars Academy250,000
Delta Charter School of Math, Science and Technology30,000
Democracy Prep III Charter School250,000
Downtown Charter School, Inc.250,000
Downtown Denver Expeditionary School250,000
Educational Enterprises, Inc.1,225,000
Empower College Prep220,000
ENCORE Academy250,000
Exalt Education267,500
Excel Academy Charter School - Boston II250,000
Excel Academy Public Charter School250,000
Excellent Education Development, Inc.250,000
Fannie C. Williams Charter School250,000
Future is Now: New Orleans Charter School250,000
Gals the Girls Athletic Leadership Schools30,000
GEE Edmonson Academy250,000
Graham Primary School220,000
Hennepin Elementary School220,000
Hinds Feet Montessori School of the Arts, Inc.30,000
Ingenuity Prep Public Charter School250,000
International Preparatory Academy - MacDowell Campus250,000
Intrepid Preparatory Charter School220,000
JS Clark Leadership Academy250,000
KIPP Foundation8,374,000
Lafayette Preparatory Academy Charter School250,000
Lighthouse Academies of Wisconsin, Inc150,000
Local Initiatives Support Corporation5,447,697
Low Income Investment Fund150,000
Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee59,000
Lutheran Urban Mission Initiative Inc.375,000
Mastery School250,000
Math and Science Preparatory Charter High220,000
McDonogh 42250,000
Mind Trust500,000
Nashville Classical Charter School220,000
New Leaders800,000
NewSchools Venture Fund612,500
Notre Dame Middle School375,000
Oakland Academy Charter School30,000
Pacific Charter School Development, Inc.2,160,000
Partners for Developing Futures, Inc565,000
Paul Public Charter School250,000
Peoria Charter School Initiative250,000
Phoenix Collegiate Academy250,000
Pride and Promise Academy30,000
Prodeo Academy250,000
Purpose Preparatory Charter School220,000
Rise Ko Hyang Middle School250,000
Rise Together Ministries30,000
Rocketship Education225,000
Rowe Elementary Charter School250,000
Santa Monica Boulevard Community Charter School250,000
Schools For The Future Detroit30,000
Schools That Can Milwaukee, Inc.225,000
Seventh and Sourou Gentlemen's Academy30,000
St. HOPE Public Schools250,000
Starr Detroit Academy250,000
Tennessee Charter School Incubator707,331
The Excel Center at Franklin Road250,000
The Friends of King School250,000
The Montessori School of Englewood220,000
The Savannah Classical Academy250,000
Trevista ECE-8th Grade at Horace Mann249,811
United Community Center, Inc.180,000
University of Notre Dame500,000
University Prep Science and Math Elementary School220,000
UNO Charter School Network500,000
Upper Mississippi Academy250,000
West Side Summit250,000
Westside Atlanta Charter School30,000
Wisconsin Lutheran High School150,000
Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation475,000
Create Quality Schools Total$72,970,575
Improve Existing Schools:Amount
Achievement Network, LTD$62,500
Arizona Charter Schools Association150,000
California Charter Schools Association1,150,000
Center for Better Schools275,000
Charter Board Partners177,750
DC Public Charter School Board498,729
DC Public Education Fund5,919,229
Denver Public Schools218,750
Denver Scholarship Foundation116,192
Illinois State Charter School Commission100,000
Lutheran Urban Mission Initiative Inc.60,000
National Association of Charter School Authorizers1,750,000
New Teacher Project1,000,000
Northwest Evaluation Association42,500
Ohio Alliance of Public Charter Schools34,190
Teach for America (National)11,445,000
University of Notre Dame400,000
Wisconsin Lutheran College200,000
Improve Existing Schools Total$23,599,839
Research and EvaluationAmount
Hoover Institution, Stanford University$151,334
University of Notre Dame113,000
University of Southern California147,935
University of Wisconsin - Madison239,940
Research and Evaluation Total$652,209
K-12 Education Reform and Other Education Grants Total$158,142,809

Freshwater and Marine Conservation Grants in 2012

Freshwater Conservation: Amount
Alliance for Water Efficiency$35,000
American Rivers, Inc.262,400
American Whitewater109,145
Arizona Community Foundation306,164
Arizona Land and Water Trust Inc.221,224
Arizona State Parks Foundation129,187
Bonneville Environmental Foundation229,130
Boulder Community Foundation215,000
Carpe Diem West75,000
Ceres, Inc.210,000
City of Mesquite, NV45,446
Cochise County352,500
Colorado Environmental Coalition108,690
Colorado State University Foundation30,603
Colorado Water Trust565,000
Colorado Watershed Assembly10,000
Conservation Lands Foundation275,000
Environmental Defense Fund1,881,652
Gila Watershed Partnership of Arizona405,785
Grand Staircase-Escalante Partners Inc346,500
High Country Citizens Alliance50,000
Institute for Sustainable Communities100,000
Land Trust Alliance, Inc.70,000
Meridian Institute106,655
National Audubon Society100,000
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation44,500
National Geographic Society100,570
National Parks Conservation Association100,000
Nature Conservancy, Inc.1,700,000
New Fuels Alliance125,000
New Venture Fund2,166,199
Outside Las Vegas Foundation72,275
Pacific Institute for Studies in Development Environment and Security45,363
Partners for Western Conservation75,000
Partners in Conservation121,700
Pronatura Noroeste AC531,439.00
Regents of the University of California35,000
San Juan Citizens Alliance115,565
Southwest Conservation Corps259,079
Tamarisk Coalition411,995
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, Inc.139,125
Town of Clarkdale Arizona137,797
Trout Unlimited500,000
University of Arizona Foundation75,000
University of California at Santa Barbara42,665
University of Colorado Foundation103,136
Utah State University100,000
Verde River Basin Partnership24,200
Verde Valley Land Preservation Institute168,394
Watershed Management Group41,419
Western Conservation Foundation300,000
Western Governors' Association32,419
Western Resource Advocates567,747
Yavapai College Foundation175,000
Freshwater Conservation - Colorado River Total$14,550,668
Ag Technology and Environmental Stewardship Foundation Inc.$75,000
Agricultural Watershed Institute46,211
American Farmland Trust395,980
Bayou Bartholomew Alliance133,125
Biodiversity Project90,000
Center for Planning Excellence150,000
Center for Rural Affairs235,000
Ceres, Inc.35,000
Cooperative Development Services140,000
Cornell University50,000
Ducks Unlimited, Inc.202,314
Environmental Defense Fund3,032,300
Environmental Law and Policy Center of the Midwest30,000
Environmental Working Group227,000
Illinois Stewardship Alliance80,000
Izaak Walton League of America100,000
Land Stewardship Project300,000
Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College107,054
Lower Mississippi River Conservation Committee110,000
Lower Mississippi River Foundation50,000
Meridian Institute730,000
Minnesota Agricultural Water Resource Center225,000
Mississippi River Corridor Tennessee122,000
Mississippi State University279,278
Mississippi's Lower Delta Partnership125,300
National Academy of Sciences75,000
National Audubon Society2,150,116
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation500,000
National Wildlife Federation2,482,900
National Wildlife Refuge Association100,000
Nature Conservancy, Inc.725,557
Northeast Midwest Institute159,320
Practical Farmers of Iowa268,000
Regents of the University of Minnesota113,717
RESOLVE Inc110,000
Resources First Foundation200,000
Taxpayers for Common Sense208,750
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, Inc.100,000
Trust for Public Land110,000
United States Endowment for Forestry and Communities, Inc.167,750
Winrock International200,000
World Resources Institute75,000
Freshwater Conservation - Mississippi River Total$14,816,672
Freshwater Conservation Total$29,367,340
Marine Environment Related GrantsAmount
Bird's Head Seascape:
Conservation International Foundation$5,725,000
Nature Conservancy, Inc.553,148
Marine Conservation - Bird's Head Seascape Total$6,528,148
Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape:
Conservation International Foundation$4,214,881
Friends of Cocos Island Foundation10,000
Nature Conservancy, Inc.21,000
World Wildlife Fund247,500
Marine Conservation - Eastern Tropical Pacific Seascape Total$4,643,381
Gulf of California:
Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental, A.C.$125,000
Consultative Group on Biological Diversity40,000
Duke University70,000
Ecology Project International479,225
Fondo Mexicano para la Conservacion de la Naturaleza, A.C.75,000
Grupo Tortuguero de las Californias, A.C.200,090
Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans52,500
Nature Conservancy, Inc.50,000
Noroeste Sustentable440,000
Pronatura Noroeste A.C.120,000
Regents of the University of California250,000
Sociedad de Historia Natural Niparaja A.C.472,000
SuMar, Voces por la Naturaleza, A.C.40,000
Marine Conservation - Gulf of California Total$2,413,815
Gulf of Mexico:
Environmental Defense Fund$20,000
Environmental Law Institute124,971
Gulf Restoration Network75,000
International Conservation Caucus Foundation25,000
National Audubon Society200,000
Nature Conservancy, Inc.350,000
Ocean Conservancy2,112,500
Oxfam America Inc.50,000
Resources for the Future, Inc.100,000
Marine Conservation - Gulf of Mexico Total$3,057,471
Gulf of Mexico - Oil Spill:
Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana$150,000
Environmental Defense Fund209,065
Greater New Orleans Development Foundation100,000
Mobile Baykeeper Inc150,000
National Wildlife Federation210,000
New Venture Fund470,000
Ocean Conservancy3,334,854
Oxfam America Inc.225,000
Seedco Financial Services Inc.500,000
Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, Inc.100,000
University of South Florida Foundation, Inc.57,000
Marine Conservation - Gulf of Mexico - Oil Spill Total5,505,919
Marine Conservation - Marine Priority Places Total$22,148,734
Catch Shares:
Center for American Progress$50,000
Comunidad y Biodiversidad, A.C.744,260
Environmental Defense Fund7,800,000
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation513,689
National Geographic Society25,000
Nature Conservancy, Inc.400,825
Political Economy Research Center, Inc.115,000
University of Washington99,118
World Wildlife Fund273,549
Marine Conservation - Catch Shares Total$10,071,441
Seafood Marketplace Incentives:
American Bird Conservancy$50,787
Comunidad y Biodiversidad, A.C.110,000
FishChoice Inc180,000
Harvard University50,000
International Seafood Sustainability Foundation Inc.350,000
ISEAL Alliance59,125
John G. Shedd Aquarium Society90,000
Marine Stewardship Council1,250,000
Minnesota Zoo Foundation41,463
Nature Conservancy, Inc.57,751
RESOLVE Inc112,223
Resources Legacy Fund300,000
Seafood Industry Research Fund100,000
Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs SEE Inc.8,500
Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Foundation1,676,778
Sustainable Fishery Advocates (FishWise)300,000
University of Washington124,806
Wild Salmon Center450,000
World Wildlife Fund420,394
Marine Conservation - Seafood Market Place Incentives Total$6,428,777
Marine Conservation Total$38,648,952
Other Environment Related GrantsAmount
African Parks Foundation of America$500,000
Arizona Science Center335,000
Aspen Center for Environmental Studies117,121
ASU Foundation for A New American University5,502,500
Conservation International Foundation12,718,763
Desert Botanical Garden10,000
Ecology Project International80,000
Environment Colorado Research and Policy Center, Inc.10,000
Environmental Defense Fund250,000
Four Corners School of Outdoor Education, Inc.25,000
Global Explorers50,000
Grand Canyon River Guides10,000
Grand Canyon Youth153,931
Herring Gut Learning Center10,000
ICF - International Community Foundation879,500
Liberty Wildlife Rehabilitation Foundation Inc.40,000
Nature Conservancy - Arizona25,000
Nature Conservancy of Texas, Inc.25,000
Nature Conservancy, Inc.759,086
Nature Conservancy, Inc. - Arkansas12,000
Noroeste Sustentable50,000
Public Counsel of the Rockies75,000
Regents of the University of California15,000
Resources Legacy Fund100,000
Urban Ecology Center790,000
University of California at Santa Barbara990,385
Other Environment Related Grants Total$23,683,286
Environment Total$91,699,578

Home Region Grants in 2012

Arkansas EducationAmount
Accelerate Arkansas$75,000
Arkansans for Education Reform Foundation2,073,750
Arkansas Aims - Arkansas Advanced Initiative for Math and Science, Inc.1,124,409
Arkansas Department of Education398,000
Arkansas Public School Resource Center987,933
Arkansas Tech University294,000
Association of American Educators Foundation293,184
Exalt Education332,500
Fountain Lake School District202,322
KIPP Blytheville College Preparatory School250,000
Northwest Evaluation Association652,900
Responsive Education Solutions1,278,110
Southern Arkansas University Foundation, Inc.1,209,376
University of Arkansas Foundation Inc146,273
Arkansas Education Total$9,317,757
Northwest ArkansasAmount
America's Charter School$10,000
Arts Center of the Ozarks478,250
Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting Foundation315,658
Beaver Water District43,750
Bentonville Bella Vista Trailblazers Association Inc.1,653,679
Bentonville Child Care and Development Center946,991
Bentonville Public Schools Foundation102,986
Catholic Social Services, Diocese of Little Rock98,000
City of Fayetteville61,396
Credit Counseling of Arkansas, Inc.161,291
Downtown Bentonville Inc165,135
Endeavor Foundation2,175,000
Hispanic Scholarship Fund172,500
Hispanic Womens Organization of Arkansas29,970
Illinois River Watershed Partnership440,000
Jones Trust1,000,000
Junior Achievement of Arkansas, Inc.50,000
Literacy Council of Benton County, Inc.19,798
Northwest Arkansas Land Trust25,000
Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission4,982,136
Rogers Public Schools22,450
Symphony Orchestra of Northwest Arkansas138,775
Theatre Squared90,000
University of Arkansas Foundation Inc806,929
Upper White River Basin Foundation25,000
Walton Arts Center Inc.1,330,000
Watershed Conservation Resource Center220,800
Northwest Arkansas Total$15,565,494
Delta Region of Arkansas and MississippiAmount
Core Knowledge Foundation$182,539
Foundation for the Mid South649,416
KIPP Delta College Preparatory School737,668
Southern Bancorp Community Partners2,051,411
Teach for America-Arkansas1,882,500
Delta Region of Arkansas and Mississippi Total$5,503,534
Home Region Total$30,386,785

Special InitiativesWalton Family Charitable Support Foundation $109,744,500

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art $2,006,500

Other Special InterestsAmount
Academy for Global Citizenship Charter School$30,000
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research40,000
American Heart Association Phoenix15,000
American Quarter Horse Foundation50,000
American Rivers, Inc.52,026
Amon Carter Museum of Western Art589,800
AOPA Foundation Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association15,000
Area Agency on Aging of Northwest Arkansas Foundation15,000
Arkansans for Education Reform Foundation15,000
Arkansas Arts Center Foundation105,000
Arkansas Athletes Outreach10,000
Arkansas Children's Hospital15,000
Arkansas Children's Hospital Foundation10,000
Arkansas Community Foundation40,000
Arkansas Independent Colleges & Universities - Independent College Fund of Arkansas12,000
Arkansas Policy Foundation10,000
Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame, Inc.10,000
Arkansas State Council on Economic Education (Economics Arkansas)16,179
Arkansas Tennis Patrons Foundation10,000
Armed Services YMCA15,000
Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa, Inc.100,000
Arts Center of the Ozarks14,000
Arts Council of Oklahoma City10,000
Aspen Valley Medical Foundation Limited10,000
Aspen Valley Ski-Snowboard Club, Inc.40,000
Aspire of Green County Oklahoma10,000
Bartlesville Area Friends of the Parks, Inc.10,000
Bentonville Bella Vista Trailblazers Association Inc.328,023
Bentonville Public Schools118,218
Bentonville Public Schools Foundation15,000
Blue Ridge School Incorporated94,940
Bluestem Regional Medical Development Foundation10,000
Boston Mountain Cyclists, Inc.15,000
Boy Scouts of America/Indian Nations Council, Inc.12,000
Boys & Girls Clubs of America25,000
Boys and Girls Club of Bartlesville10,000
Boys and Girls Club of Benton County30,000
Boys and Girls Club of Faulkner County Arkansas, Inc.10,000
Boys and Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix25,000
Brandon Burlsworth Foundation25,000
California Academy of Sciences630,000
Camp War Eagle, Inc.4,737,975
Careity Foundation25,000
Centers for Youth and Families, Inc.10,000
Choate Rosemary Hall Foundation, Inc.2,404,500
Circle of Life3,001,000
City of Fort Worth - Pet Adoption Program10,000
City of Gravette10,000
City of Huntsville10,000
City of Springdale342,061
City Year Inc350,000
Civic Symphony of Benton County Guild, Inc. aka Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra15,000
College of the Ozarks25,000
College of Wooster20,000
Colorado College2,000,000
Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc.10,000
Colorado Water Trust17,425
Columbia College10,000
Columbia University Law School25,000
Columbus Elementary School25,000
Columbus Zoological Park Association - SECORE Project50,000
Community Foundation of Jackson Hole - AKA Community Foundation of Teton Valley105,000
Cookson Hills Christian Ministries - Cookson Hills Christian School40,000
Council for Economic Education20,000
Decision Point, Inc.30,000
Denison ISD Education Foundation, Inc.10,000
Denver Children's Advocacy Center362,800
Dickinson State University Foundation20,000
EAA Aviation Foundation, Inc.50,000
Eagle County Schools25,000
Elementary Institute of Science25,000
Evergreen State College Foundation10,000
Farmington Public Schools - Farmington School District19,000
Fay School10,000
Fellowship of Christian Athletes12,500
Ferncliff Camp & Conference Center10,000
FJC A Foundation of Donor Advised Funds - (Sarika Singh Thangde Gastal)10,000
Fort Smith Chamber Economic Development Foundation, Inc.31,250
Fort Worth Zoological Association, Inc.50,000
Fuller Theological Seminary10,000
Fundacion de Beneficencia Alejandro Rojas Sierra2,185,419
Georgetown University1,035,000
Gilcrease Museum Management Trust15,000
Girl Scouts - Diamonds of Arkansas Oklahoma and Texas15,000
Girl Scouts of Magic Empire Council, Inc. aka Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma15,000
Gombe School of Environment and Society-USA Inc.327,650
Governor Dummer Academy35,000
Greenway Foundation, Inc.25,000
Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco, Inc. - Peninsula Habitat for Humanity10,000
Habitat for Humanity of Benton County, Inc.10,000
Happy Hill Farm Children's Home20,000
Hindsville Rural Fire Department10,000
Hoover Institution, Stanford University10,000
Hope Women's Shelter, Inc.10,000
Horses for Healing, Inc.15,000
Hospice of the Hills, Inc.10,000
Hospital Development Foundation, Inc.14,500
Hospitality House of Tulsa, Inc.25,000
Institute for Humane Studies40,000
International Mountain Bicycling Association10,000
JMJ Maternity Homes15,000
Johns Hopkins University62,000
Jones Center for Families Inc.25,000
Junior Achievement of Arkansas, Inc.15,000
Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation350,161
Kimbell Art Foundation25,000
KIPP Denver Collegiate High School55,000
Land Legacy10,000
Last Frontier Council, Boy Scouts of America10,000
Lawton Public Schools25,000
LeFlore County Youth Services, Inc.15,000
Leland Stanford Junior University835,000
Lighthouse Academies of Tulsa, Inc250,000
Lions World Services for the Blind375,000
Little Rock Chamber Foundation20,000
Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health10,000
Mayo Clinic Arizona100,000
MCA Denver - Museum of Contempary Art-Denver165,000
Menlo School25,000
Mercy Health Foundation of Northwest Arkansas25,000
Messmer Catholic Schools Scholarships10,000
Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth50,000
Mountain Home Education Foundation10,000
Museum of Native American History, Inc20,000
Museum of Northern Arizona Inc.10,000
National Christian Foundation10,000
National Cowgirl Museum & Hall of Fame50,000
National Cutting Horse Association Charities Found.105,000
National Gallery of Art100,000
National Museum of Women in the Arts, Inc.30,000
New Haven Home, Inc.100,000
New Heights Christian School35,000
New Life Ranch165,000
New York Historical Society775,000
Northeastern Oklahoma A and M College Development Foundation, Inc.10,000
Northwest Arkansas Community College Foundation, Inc.140,000
Northwest Arkansas Free Health Center12,500
Nueva School1,750,000
OK KIDZ Charities12,000
Oklahoma Baptist University20,000
Oklahoma Wesleyan University10,000
Olana Partnership50,000
Old Jail Art Center10,000
Operation One Voice10,000
Opry Heritage Foundation of Oklahoma10,000
Our House, Inc.10,000
Ozark Center10,000
Partners in Health500,000
Pea Ridge School District16,000
Peel Compton Foundation584,345
Performing Arts Fort Worth, Inc.83,333
Phillips Brooks School25,000
Phoenix Art Museum40,000
Phoenix Symphony Association25,000
Phoenix Theatre200,000
Plant With Purpose10,000
Presbyterian Children's Homes & Services10,000
Presbyterian Church USA96,663
Prescott College15,000
Responsive Education Solutions98,847
Restore Hetch Hetchy50,000
Rios to Rivers10,000
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oklahoma City, Inc.10,000
Salvation Army - Fayetteville20,000
Salvation Army of Bartlesville10,000
San Diego Society of Natural History201,500
School District of Joplin R-VIII Foundation1,000,000
Sea Education Association10,000
Seven Hills Homeless Center10,000
Special Forces Charitable Trust20,000
Springdale Schools Alumni Foundation, Inc. aka Springdale Public Schools Education Foundation10,000
St. Paul's School50,000
Stanford University47,000
Stanford University - John W. Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities800,000
Star Rock Ministries10,000
Teach for America, Inc.25,000
Team Rwanda Cycling, Inc.35,000
Team Up for Youth10,000
Teton Science Schools2,150,000
Tulsa Community Foundation10,000
UCSD Cancer Center Foundation - U C San Diego Foundation54,590
United Way of Northwest Arkansas151,000
United Way of the Ozarks32,500
University of Arkansas Fort Smith Foundation, Inc.25,000
University of Arkansas Foundation Inc10,000
University of California, Merced30,000
University of Central Oklahoma Foundation10,000
University of Colorado Foundation25,000
University of Montana370,239
University of Oklahoma Foundation, Inc.10,000
University of the Ozarks157,435
University Scholarships
University of Wyoming55,000
USA Cycling Development Foundation50,000
Valley of the Sun United Way20,000
Van Cliburn Foundation, Inc.10,000
Vietnam Veterans of San Diego d/b/a Veterans Village of San Diego20,000
Wake Forest University45,000
Wal-Mart Associates in Critical Need Fund4,000,000
Washington Regional Medical Foundation12,500
West Fork School District10,000
Western Conservation Foundation150,000
Young Life Foundation10,000
Young Womens Christian Association (YWCA Tulsa)10,000
Zoological Society of San Diego13,500
Special Interest Total$39,083,824